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I stand corrected


So, we all know someone who quit years ago but still says

"I still think about them every day, if they were not bad for me I would start again; every time I have a drink, I feel there is something missing"

So I listened to one of these conversations recently and this is the conversation I had with my partner:

Me: I hope that Im not like that in 10/20 years, how depressing to be still going on about it...............(poor me etc etc....)

Partner: well, you could always start smoking again and then be dead in 10/20 years................then you wont have that worry......your choice!

I stand corrected and that is all!

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You're right about a few ex-smokers being like this. However, I think most will admit that the urges they feel are not cravings, and are really mild fleeting thoughts that are easy to dismiss. Certainly, their urges are much much much milder than the cravings/thoughts experienced when you first quit.

(I suspect the vast majority of ex-smokers don't want a fag or have any urge to smoke. As a result we tend not to notice them - which makes the few who do still want a fag seem to be typical ex-smokers, when in fact they aren't typical at all!)

Don't worry new quitters, most people who have quit long term rarely feel the urge to smoke, and when they do, it is easy for them to dismiss the thought. It gets much much much easier as you go on!

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