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Day 5 why is it getting harder?

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Today is day 5 an really missing the cigs!

I have given up a bunch of times when I was pregnant x2 each for nearly a year then again for another year after that. That was 3years ago! I have tried many times in 2012 to quit using all form of aids mainly minis and inhalators and buckled after a week each time.

I really want to do it this time I'm fed up of smoking I hate smelling of fags, I can't afford it an it scares me to think how I have damaged my body over the last 15 years.

Reading all the bits on here has been really helpful, I don't feel so alone n pathetic!im hoping this craving is going to ease ........

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Hi Wooders and welcome to the forum! It will

Get easier I promise, think I had my most serious craves around day 5 too. You've done it before and can do it again. Good luck on your journey

Karen xx

Hi Wooders :)

It really does get easier and some times are harder than others.

Have had times when I was a teary, miserable, grouchy mess but came out the other side - it's horrible but you will get through it.

The important thing is that you *want* to quit and you've got some great reasons to do it.

People on here are really helpful too!!

Good luck :)



Hi, I have tried to give up a few times but obviously didn't really want to as failed! This time i decided few weeks ago that i would give up on New years day (just had to set myself a target). I'm seeing the "Stop Smoking Nurse" she's an ex smoker which helps. She advised i started wearing the patches a few days before today & if i had any cigarettes left in my pack today to just finish them which i did. I had my last one at 4pm today. I am determined to succeed this time & am hoping that this site will help me. I have a disposable E-cig in case of emergency lol, i really do not want a relapse. Keep going & stay positive....hope i can follow my own advice too :)

Thankyou so much for getting me through my first real crave. Reading your msgs really helped me feel optimistic and proud! ( only 5 days but like they say Rome wasn't built in a day!;)) I'm feeling excited about the prospect of being a non smoker and finally and hopefully kicking dirty habit!

Welldone to you all you guys have done so well! Keep it up and thanks again for your kind words and wisdomx:)

i found it got worse before it got better so now the only way is up and you can do this with each day that passes it will get easier and easier and before long you will be advising the newbies with your wisdom, believe me thats what happened to me

stay strong


Thankyou boo, Im feeling bit better today, woke up wanting one but managed to get on with my day! Just finished work and this is the time I fancy a packet! But I didn't I had a whole bag of chocolate instead oops! but I can diet tomorrow!;)

Thanks for your encouragement, a very welldone to you, I can't imagine how you feel must be fantastic!!!

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