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Day 7 and 8, why are they harder!?

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Ok, so I'm on day 8 after going cold turkey and smoking at least 25 a day and have got through the first week relatively easily( apart from one slip and a few puffs 5 days ago after too many vodka's and lemonades). The good news is that this made me feel so ill it has just re affirmed my wish to stop:)

I have to say this is a lot easier than using patches, gum or pills, I thought it would be harder but it isn't! I have to thank Alan Carr and 'easy way' for getting me to this point.

The problem I'm having is that I have found the last 2 days more difficult than the first few! The kids are off school and therefore I'm not working which is possbily making it harder. I can't describe this as a desire to smoke because I really don't want to, it's a very strange feeling but I know I'm in danger of talking myself back into smoking! There has been no nicotine in my body for 5 days so this isn't a physical craving is it? I'm determined not to be that stupid but am finding this very annoying having expected any thoughts about cigarettes to be diminishing by now. Any thoughts or advise?

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Well done...

Gwenllian, well done on making day 8, or is it 9 now?

I quit using patches, only for just under a month though, I got sick of them and wanted to be nicotine free. I didn't really think they did anything for me, however, with hindsight i guess they must have helped with the nicotine cravings while I got used to the physical part of not smoking.

It's only a few days since smoking was a big part of your everyday life and going for a cigarette (or wanting to) is still a normal part of it.

It's just a mental thing and knowing you don't ever want to smoke again will get you through it.


Give any quit a full month before making too many expectations of it. No two quits are the same, there is plenty of folk who experience some days that are worse than others, stress can also play a big part in it (as can boredom too).

Day 7 & 8 is still very early on, in your quit.. if you got a rough day on your hands quit wise its just a case of gritting your teeth and getting through it i'm afraid.

No point going back to the smoking just because its the easy option though, thats not the way you want to think.. your days right now are presenting you some challenges, but you must rise to this and battle it.

Read my signature links for some helpful tips .. they may well come in handy right about now.


Hi Gwen,

Stay with it hunny your doing great, I also had a blip on Saturday night after far too much to drink. Very very annoyed with myself but my hubby made me feel better by telling me not to beat myself up as its only one cig rather than 20 odd !! very true. And yes like you it made me realise how much I do actually want to give up smoking. Im on day 9 today, ditched the patches last week as they were sending my head daft and I feel much better going cold turkey. Today is a good day for me, stay strong I know its hard being off work and having the kids driving you mad xxx

Try not to think about it, i know having kiddies around makes it harder but try and make that an excuse 'to not want to smoke'.

The nicotine has left your body now, just enjoy your new healthy life and forget fags. ;)

Hi Gwen,

What the others are saying is very true, you are still early on in your quit and you are going to find some days tougher than others, just keep remindig yourself of your quit reasons and goals you may have set, and take it easy on yourself. If you look at the boards for Months 1+ you will see that even those who have been smoke free for months still feel the urge occasionally, so what you are going through is very, very normal.

Stay strong and committed and you'll get through it, and maybe stay away from the vodka for a little while too!!:p

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