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Why is this getting harder?

Hi Guys,i have now gone 7 weeks without a cigarette,which im very proud of,but its not getting any easier,i just thought by now the thought of just go and have a fag,as i would have done when i smoked,would have subsided by now,but it hasnt and its driving me crazy,im thinking i may as well just start smoking again,it would be the easy option as im really getting fed up,im in tears all the time,im not saving any money because of Christmas,and very unhappy,and i really dont want to feel like this over the festive season,i really dont want to smoke,but would like to smile again,does anyone else feel this way,or is it just me?

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I know exactly what you mean Jennifluff :( Day 52 for me and I thought it would be getting easier, but this weekend has seen me thinking about ciggies most of the time. I'm hoping that someone further into their quit will come along and say this is normal and it will get better.....cos at the moment its one big wobble.:eek:


Me too

I know just waht you both mean - day 52 for me too. Some days it's really not too bad and I start to think "I've cracked this". Then it just gets horrible.

Thing is, for me it is not the obvbious situtaions, last night was my work Xmas Bash - up 'til 1.30 - loads to drink - even went outside with the smokers to cool off after excessive dancing - no probs at all. But today, really grim.

Just keep telling myself it will get easier.

We will do this though, just need to stick together.




Yep, day 55 for me and hard since the mid-40s. Not sure what to do or think...


Hi guy's

Sorry to say there is no "Magical" turning point LOL I think you just wake up one morning and think shit i havnt thought of smoking in sooo long, I am on 84 day's and I still have my up and downs however it has been my observation that whenever I have had a few drinks the night before that WILL be a day of craving?, I have no idea why but with me thats how it's been.

Maybe it's has something to do with alcahols effect on the brain dopamine level s etc etc etc but I can be gauranteed if i have had a drink i will crave the next day!

Guys we have all done so well to get this far dont through it away, STAY STRONG

Regards Gary

PS if anyone else has linked craves to alcahol the night before let me know :)



I think it depends on each individuals quit. I personally really struggled until 6 - 7 months quit. But it does get easier. I've got 3 weeks until i reach my 1 year quit. I can honestly say that I can go days even weeks without thinking about smoking but I still get tested, a couple of weeks ago I had really bad cravings for a whole week but it passed. I just keep thinking of how disapointed I would be if I smoked. I gave up Cold Turkey and I really suffered physically and I don't think I could do it again so I think that helps me not wanting to smoke. The depression and sadness passes also. I felt like it was the end of the world and that it would never be the same again without smoking. Now I look back and laugh that something like nicotine has such control of me.

Good luck with your quits and you will start feeling the benefits soon and as soon as that happens it makes it a lot easier. xx


thanks guys

It just helps to know that it is normal and not just an issue im having, was begining to think it was just cause i was too week for this quit.

I went and bought myself some more herbal cigs so if i get to point ive been at all w/e i can have a puff on one of them instead of a real one.

Im not planning on smoking them but just knowing if i get to that point it may help.

never quit quitting



Hi Jenni, and others...

For what it's worth I thought about smoking CONSTANTLY for about six months. I had the same feeling of emptiness and yearning - not precisely the same as craving, but pretty bloody tough. I ate too much. I ground my teeth to powder. I cried. I just kept repeating to myself that I didn't need them, I didn't want them, I felt healthier (which I did), that it was my addiction talking and that it could be beaten, and so on and so on.

A lot of the time I really was just saying this stuff - I didn't honestly believe it. I thought it was just a matter of time before I would cave. I imagined situations where I'd have a 'valid' excuse to smoke. But gradually... there was a transformation. What my mouth was saying, my heart was believing. Around 6 months I started to feel like a true non smoker, and though I have certainly had bad days since (and been in some sorely testing situations), that constant 'just smoke, just have one, just smoke' voice has gone for good.

So stick with it. Please. Fight on, because you WILL come through, it's just a question of sticking it out. A few months struggling to beat a lifetime of slavery. So worth it.

H x


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