No Smoking Day
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To all you new quitters

All you need is determination and willpower-and lots of it! For some people it is easy and for others(like me)it can be a rocky road.I am no expert as am only 4 months into my quit

but have picked up a few hints and tips along the way that may help some of you.Rome wasnt built in a day so dont get despondant if withdrawal symptoms seem to be taking a long time to disappear. The habit and addiction of years of smoking do not go overnight.Take it one hour,one day at a time.IT DOES GET EASIER OVER TIME.If you find your mind panicking that you cant have a cigarette again just say"I can smoke whenever I want but

I choose not to smoke today" I found that one very helpful.Also I found it better to use the word "Quit" rather than "giving up"-which made me feel I was depriving myself of something.Keep on visiting and posting on this forum.The people on this forum saved me twice in the dark days in the beginning with their advice,support,and empathy.If ever you feel your resolve weakening then take a look at that new no smoking ad thats just come out! HORRIFIC. All the best everyone! Sue x

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Hi Sue

I started today and appreciate any help that anyone offers. This isn't something easy to do but I don't believe in making it that hard either. It's doable - that has to be main thinking.

I prefer to say not smoking rather than quitting - quitting for me has negative connotations like quitting a job, quitting a race... whatever... so simple to say I've stopped is easier.

Whatever works for people - I prefer to get all the ways of thinking out there and then people can pick and choose what works for them. Important is that it resonates with their own thinking.

Thank you for your help and advice I'm sure it'll be beneficial to anyone like me who is new to the forum.



Hi, Akaash & SooSan,

I had my last one 6 & half hrs ago but been planning it for few weeks. I have tried a few times over the years but realise i never really wanted to stop & therefore started again!:(

I just keep telling myself that they have ruled my life for too long & i dont really need them to get through life, i have also run out of excuses for continuing to smoke. I know it will be tough at times but with others support & my own determination i will get there. Lots of luck to you both.....We can do this! :D


Hi Akaash.I really like stopped!!! You are right it is much better than quit.I never really liked the word but was better than giving up.Never thought about the word stopped!!! Thanks.

Good luck x

Hi Fluff.I noticed that youve smoked for 42 years.Me too.If I can do it Im sure you can. I stopped as I wanted to have the best possible life that I could in my older age also in the back of my mind I kept thinking that maybe I had pushed my luck too far by smoking for so long and still being ok. It took me quite a while to get to the stop day.Anyway all the best x


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