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facebook tip

hey guys just thought id share my lil thing ive been doing it really spurs me on!

i made a photo album on facebook , called it my quit pix album :)

and everyday i put a picture of my day number in it and change my profile pic .

it makes me feel great showing off my day number to family and friends, gives me a little thing to do each day..a kind of small daily reward if you will..the comments and likes help give me a little boost too! seeing it get more full with numbers all the time shows me how far ive come.

day 16 for me now, feeling...well had a bad day , very grumpy.

i woke up in the morning and said to mr bojangle..if i can get through new years eve i can do anything..and as he lay down to sleep just now he said did it can do anything :)

happy new years , lotsa love and frsh air to you all xxx

lorna xx

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Sounds like a great idea Lorna, I'm sure it does spur you on and yes you can do anything if you put your mind to it!!


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