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Any Tips on not shouting at the Inlaws at Xmas? :)


Hi All,

I have accidently quit and am on day 4.

I originally planned to quit new years eve, but 4 days ago I ended up getting really bad tonsillitis :/ I didn't smoke or eat for 4 days. So I took that as a positive, well a so called "Sign" and decided to quit early. I mean why start again for two weeks to just quit again ?!

I am not using anything to help, Cold Turkey all the way.

But I thought I'd join here fore some tips, as now I am eating and I am up and about again, I am feeling agitated and like there is something missing :(

And I have the Inlaws over for Xmas for tomorrow. I am also on a detox from Facebook and all other social networking sites for a whole year due to a bet.

So i can't have a rant on FB or in my own home till new year :/ (Unless I would like to upset the inlaws, lose 5grand and have a eastenders xmas. :)

So I really need a site like this at the moment to keep me sane and from sparking up 10 at once.

Anyway thats my little story. Looking forward to reading some inspirational stories on this site. Any tips and advice where to go from here would be great. Much love

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Hey is the tip...dont have your inlaws over to your house ;) LOL

Day by day....that is the best advice I could give you. Dont look ahead...those are scary days...smoking causes fear..."What will i do when.."

Think of how will i get through the next hour....that, to me, was my method anyhow.

Good luck,


Hiya....I've found that in situations that you can't avoid and you're trapped that just being able to get away just at the point where you may snap or lose it does help. I've had to use this tactic quite a lot recently.....I say things like,

"oops sorry I need to go to the toilet/restroom".

"I just need to pop to the shops sorry, we'll talk about it when we get back" (NEVER talk about it when you get back...just pop to the local shops or something and buy some milk".

Another is "ooooo I suddenly feel all queasy, I'm just going outside for some fresh air".

I know this sounds daft but considering they won't be around for long it's not worth a bust up...when you have a break from them even if it's just for 5 mins it takes the edge off and calms you down. Hope it helps.....that's the tactic with my mother-in-law, she thinks I have a weak bladder :)

Lisa x

Not unless u really care about sprouts ;)

You know that Karri is right, telling them is the best way to go, and they should be happy for you and support u in that decision.

That way you avoid them thinking you have bladder issues and surprise you with Depends as a stocking stuffer ;)


You two obviously have nice in mother in law wouldn't give a holy shit...and would just try and wind me up all the more...yes she is that bad! Well I stole her son after all!


High diving? Is that some sort of "move" I'm not aware of? ;)

Damn auto correct not working for u eh Karri?


Her hubby died, very sad and I'm afraid her son became a replacement husband. Very difficult...she has never liked me for the fact that her son moved away and moved in with me. No high fiving and no champagne...that's just the way it is, sad situation all round and I've tried to resolve and be nice many times...anyways I'm gonna stop commenting on this forum as I'm obviously not helping anyone and get misinterpreted. Good luck with your quits, I'm sure you'll all do well and get to the lovely penthouse you all dream of. Merry christmas. X

Geez...when my mind is open.....really? Hmmm....I'll think on that, really I will :rolleyes:

Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for the advice.

They have been here since Monday and I am on day 7. So far so good I must say.

I was forced round the German xmas market at -2 yesterday and they were walking very slow (I am from London and do not know the meaning of walking slow), everywhere I looked someone was smoking and I felt my blood start to boil. So I just said " I am going in there, meet u outside in 5" and i ran haha. Running off does help sometimes.

But I told them the second they walked through the door "I have given up smoking and your son assumes I am snappy" (Hint Hint) They have been very supportive more than my husband so i have just been shouting at him instead :o/

Well another week to go and we will see what happends. Hope you are all well and It is going well. Thank you for the advice again, will post again (prob when angry) :) Merry Xmas xx

Hey missy....right on. I'm happy that u are getting the support from an "unlikely" source

A Christmas miracle? ? ;)

Keep it up!


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