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No Smoking Day
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A re-thank you to you all!

I would like to thank once again all those who have helped me. I was stupidly thinking about smoking again when I made an overnight visit 70 miles away from home (to visit smokers I know for a drink). I had thought (stupidly) in my head that I could smoke and none of my family and home based friends would know or find out about it!

I gave myself a stiff talking to and managed to tell those I was visiting about my dilemma (and me having stopped smoking!), to bring them around to my normal way of thinking. Ultimately I was over the moon to discover that they wanted me to win against my urges.


Thank f*%k (pardon my language)! If they hadn't cared too then I am pretty sure I would have caved in.

This site rocks, so do Wullie and Gillie. Never let your guard down, you are never safe from nicotine,


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Good on you and your friends Paul

That sounds like a display of true friendship to me.

You and They ... Did Good :)




They always say when things get tough you find out who your friends are.

Now you know. Well done


You are right, thank you, thank you all.


Good friends indeed. :)

I've been shocked by the "friends" of some other quitters on here. Their friends seem to actively want them to start again - offering them fags, telling them they'll never quit etc.

One thought about your post. If you feel you can smoke provided no-one finds out about it, what does that say about your own attitude to quitting? It is telling that you say it was the attitude of your friends which determined whether you smoked or not, not your own thoughts. I get the impression you were almost asking them permission to smoke.....:eek:

It might be worth re-visiting your reasons for quitting, and refreshing your mind on why smoking is such a bloody stupid thing to do. You've nearly done 2 months quit, which is fantastic. It would be a shame to blow it in a moment of weakness.


No need to panic, it was just a moment of madness, not sure if I would actually have even done it :)


Well done Paul for not giving in. It was your mind playing tricks,the old nico demon at it again but you and your friends saw through it. Have a great smoke free Christmas Paul you are doing great!


Thanks Hazel, I cant believe its 58 days now. Flown by!



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