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No Smoking Day
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If I Could Buy You All Drinks, I Would. Thank You!

Hello everyone!

You've never read a word by me, but I've read hundreds of yours since August 2013 when I quit smoking cold turkey. I would like to thank you all so much--referring to this forum several times a day got me through the worst of it, inspiring me, encouraging me, guiding me, and calming me. Please know that even if people aren't speaking up, you are making an impact. I would totally buy you all a round of drinks if I could, but I'm across the pond. If I ever cross the Atlantic and am in the UK, I'll let you all know, and drinks are on me! :)

For anyone who wants to quit:

You can do it. I never thought I could, but I did. A pack a day for 11 years, much of it filled with self-loathing for not being able to put out the cigarette for the very last time, and countless failed attempts. The only method to my madness was to try over and over again no matter how many times I failed. I tried. I failed. And I tried again. And I failed again. And again. And again. And again. Finally, I succeeded.

I won't lie, the first two months were very hard, and even into the second month, I still was struck by cravings. Though I had no desire to pick up the stick again, I would be a bit heartbroken, wishing I could stop feeling nicotine's hook. But I'm so happy to say that I don't have them as much anymore. I've never felt better, I've never been happier, I've never felt lighter, I've never felt more levelheaded, I've never been calmer, and I'm at my sexiest (yes, it's true, I'm hotter than usual). Looking back, for me, nicotine did a number of my mood and emotions. Incredible how much it changed and controlled me. And before this month, whenever I had that occasional thought of puffing on just one, the cold turkey withdrawal symptoms I went through immediately came to mind. Frankly speaking, the cold turkey withdrawal symptoms kicked my a*s for a good 14 days. But it was worth it. Never again. Ever.

So once again, thank you so much!

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Well done you. Not only are you sexier but that quit of yours is looking quite sexy as well. :-)

Your doing great and welcome to the forum.



Cheers! I'll drink to that!

Quitting smoking IS really hard, I'm glad you found the support you needed, and it makes me proud to be a part of this community!

Thanks for the post Isabella!



Wonderful News

I am so glad to hear of your success it's a wonderful achievement! I too have found this forum invaluable on my journey to be smoke free, so good luck to you and have fun.



These posts are the ones that keep us all going Isabella...

Not just the newbies but also those well into their quit and having a bad day.

Congratulations on the fight you won. :)



Thanks for the kind and supportive words!


I don't know what trials and travails you have been going through, but hang in there--it does get better. I longed for the morning where I did not wake up with the first thought being of a cigarette. That I have those mornings all the time now is so heavenly. Also, the fact that I don't feel as cold as I used to.

It is definitely a long journey, and these past 3 months feel a lot longer than they are, but be good to yourself by having the patience you require for you.


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