No Smoking Day

3rd DAY! and feeling great!

A very goodmorning to you all!

Congratulations to Dave and Maria how have also reached day 3 :)

I am starting to feel the benefits too today, i noticed that last night i slept a lot better and awoke more refreshed, i'm still sleeping the same hours as i usually do only this time my body isn't counting the time to the next fag!

The cravings are hardly noticeable this morning which is great, i have managed to keep them to the back of my mind, im not salivating like Cujo anymore and the metallic taste in my mouth seems to have gone.

Thanks to all of you who supported me through Day 2, with your help we'll i'll be over this in no time at all, have a fantastic day everybody! i know i will! :D

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Congratulations to the three of you, sounds like you are doing great Jimi, just keep taking it one day at a time,




I have been quit for 4 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 11 hours, 16 minutes and 34 seconds (139 days). I have saved £1,539.73 by not smoking 6,973 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Weeks, 3 Days, 5 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/02/2008 21:17


Congratulations to you also.

We will all get through this... It can only get easier from now on right!??

Hope you have a good day and will check in later.


Thats right Maria,

after today (hopefully) things will start to get easier, are your cravings not as bad now?


Thanks Mojo!

hows your second day going mate?


Your right mate we can,

I'll be with you all the way (along with the others) to give you a big pat on the back when we pass that 3 week mark


Congratulations to you all. I remember those first few days well, when minutes seemed like hours and hours seemed like days etc. I does get better, and quickly too. Everyday it gets easier. Please educate yourselves in what your giving up and you will discover your not giving up anything.

Good luck


Well done you guys.

It gets better and better!



All the best you three - you know you can do this.:D:cool:



Cravings are not too bad now and dealing with stress quite well. My sister just got her self suspended from school again until further notice, she lives with us and is 14! Normally be outside having a fag. Dont even want one which has suprised even me! Well done to all xx


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