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still not smoking been nicotine free 4 2months now not getting any cravings dont even think about havin aciggie any more still getting angry tho why i dont no been stopped smokin 6 months now hope this anger dissapears soon my poor missus has had enuff made her cry yesterday just by ranting i really hate myself for that because i love her more than life itself and wud not hurt her for the world she has stuck by me thru all this she is my backbone she keeps me going its good to talk as bob hoskins once said lol feel better now

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Well done on reaching 6 months of being smokefree :D

That is a great achievement you should be so proud

Sorry to hear your still having anger issues :(

Have you been to see your doctor to discuss them?

There are afew techniques that you could look into that might help you one is mindfulness and the other is Eft also known as tapping

You can do a search on youtube that have free videos to watch or search on google plus there is also meditation and relaxation techniques too

Hope you find sonething that works for you soon




Well done on 6 months quit.

I think a trip to your gp as Carole suggests is a good idea he may be able to help with your anger issues, Were you angry before you quit or is it just since you stopped? People have normally got to grips with it by 6 months?Whatever I think there must be someone and something that can help you.


Well done on this great achievement. That's really fabulous. Have you let your wife see what you have written? It might help her appreciate how much you love her and how sorry you are about your rant.


nicotine free 4 2months now

I had some serious anger issues after stopping, it was so odd because I've always been super happy and nice to everyone. I did find that after a couple of months without nicotine things started to get a lot better and now, one more month on, I am back to my happy bouncy self.

Good luck my friend, things might be about to improve, stay strong :)


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