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champix day of quit

Hi all I am currently on day 6 of champix program and feel crap also know it will get worse as from day 8 the dose is uped to 1mg twice a day. but i had set a quit day of day 9 or 10. my question is do you just not want to smoke or how does it happen. i hv not found any information on the actual stop scenario.

any information would be greatly appreciated



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I can't help you with the champix as I've never tried it but there are a hell of a lot of people that have on here who will advise you.

I just want to say welcome to the party.

Congratulations on your decision to quit.

You've already started your quit, you've made your decision, started your champix and posted on here. Baby steps ... done! :)

I wish you all the luck and strength in the world.

Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

You'll be fine :)

You CAN do this

Take care



thanks for the tips. have started swimming and back to bike riding. so hope that helps in keeping me busy. 3 days out from my quit day. but not looking forward to the increase in mg as already at .5 twice a day i feel i want to throw up constantly. so god help me at 2 mg a day lol. but will try and suck it up and see how i go :-)


jb small things that may help

Take with food,

take it mid morning (if not then take an hour before you have to actually get up) and night one at about 8pm (i still felt sick but not AS sick)

make sure you drink LOADS of water

i found by day 6 i couldnt handle the taste of a cig so when i finished the pack i simnply didnt buy another one.

Please keep an eye on your mood swings and make sure you take vitamins x

welcome and post post post!


Hi JB and welcome. The way Champix worked for me wasn't that smoking became unpleasant, it was more that I just didn't feel like smoking so much. A bit like if you aren't thirsty and you don't fancy a glass of water, it doesn't mean that you think water is revolting.



I tried with Champix last year, I did ok for a couple of weeks then my quit failed.

From what I recall, I set out to stop around day 10, the cigarettes did taste somewhat differently for me, but there certainly wasn't a magic moment when I didn't want to smoke, you have to really want it too!

Like others have said make sure to drink lots of water, I got a really dry mouth but I guess it's different for everyone.

I hope it all goes well for you!


I had the same experience as Biggrin. I just stopped fancying a cig and gave up before the date I'd chosen. Stick at it - it's well worth it.


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