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Floating on air


Hi, my name is chris and I quit smoking Sunday night, 5 days ago. I have been reading these blogs over and over the past few days and words can't explain how much this has helped me. I smoked for 15 yrs, a pack of 20 per day. Cold turkey was so hard the first few days. The cravings yesterday (4th day) were so bad I found myself walking around in circles at one point twitching my fingers, then i went to lay on my bed and practically cried myself to sleep. The little man in my head would not leave me alone, he was driving me insane and I craved all day long, but I won! He can get fked and so can his smoke cos im flushing this disease out of me for good.

Today is good, I have small cravings but I'm dealing with them, drinking cold water helps alot,I also find that breathing in the cold air helps, it kind of gives me that feeling of inhaling smoke, but much healthier :)

I have decided not to drink this weekend and to stay away from smokers. Looking forward to Sunday when I WILL reach one week. Good luck to everyone, we are all doing very well, this site is brilliant, helpful and inspiring :)

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Well done Chris on making the decision to quit

The best decision you have ever made.

You are already doing all the right things by the sound of it. :)

Walking on air is right...all that extra oxygen hitting your brain ... enjoy it!

Don’t ever regret your decision and never look back.

Couple all this with what sounds like an extremely positive attitude ……. and you have this cracked my friend! :D

Keep posting and keep us informed of your progress,

Very well done



Welcome to the mad house Chris :D

Flipping heck, I'm so so proud of you getting through a crave like that. It's your subconscious having a fit at you. When you get through like you did, you not only show your subconscious where you want to go, you realise how very strong you are!

More confidence, less likelihood you'll give in. :)

Well done and stick with it Chris, it's brilliant to have you on board! :D

Molly x

Wot ha lostie, how you doing today petal?

Molly x

It's good that you feel better but a bummer that you've so much work to do to put it right.

Lostie's right though, anytime I've needed support its been there. Shocked the hell out of me when it happened tbh. I trust if now, which is for the best.

Molly x

welcome chris and OMG how much of a hero are you???? going so far on your own well done, may seem a bit late but if we can help just holler!

Hi Chris and welcome. Great post, you've made a cracking start. Like everyone else has said: keep reading and posting, and make sure you ask for help/support if you need it :)

Well done Chris! sounds like you have a very positive attitude, that will be really important in this quit. You have done so well to get through those early tough days so onwards and upwards for you now. I will look out for your 1 week post on Sunday:)

Wow well done at getting through the first 5 days! Glad you came to join us, another couple of days and it'll be a week, awesome!!

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