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2nd week!

2nd week. I'm really chuffed, but looking forward to the cravings/constant thoughts of smoking dropping away gradually. 8th day today and wham I'm right back in the ring again, toe to toe with day 2 type cravings! Bizarre, and quite unpleasant, although not altogether unexpected. Hopefully week 3 will be much better.

HadEnuf, Clarky and Don how are you guys doing today? Name check dudes. :cool:

Thanks everyone for the continued support! It helps more than I would have imagined.



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Hi Ollie

It does that ..... bloody annoying innit? :rolleyes:

I'm starting to relax in to myself now, 8 weeks in. I still think about it a lot but it really is different...I can't explain it well enough at the moment but it is different....and easier....and quieter...the volume has been knocked off is about the best way to describe it. :)

Well done getting to week 2, you guys are really supporting each other.

They say that quitting with a quit buddie makes it easier....guess they must have been right all along! :D

Well done mate



Hey Ollie

Still here, and stoked to have a week under the belt. Sorry to hear you having Day 2 like cravings but you beat it once and you will again, I know that. Today is tough so far, seems like smoking is the only thing I am thinking about, but I will beat this also.

Nifty, congrats on the 8 weeks buddy, you are like a God to me at this stage, very inspirational.

Don. :D


Ollie, what can I say... Those pesky cravings come and go like that for the first 3 weeks, you just have to grit your teeth and get through it. Dont give in that is the main thing. It DOES get easier I promise you just have to go through a bit of s**t to get there.

Everyone is routing for all you lads you Christmas conquerers. You are definitely not alone in this.:)


Thanks guys, things got better later in the day so that's another one down! Feeling good, looking forward to claiming tomorrow!




Keep going guys, you're all doing ace and so supportive of each other which is great to see, you'll do it x




Knock those cravings out. They are pretty pathetic really! i just say NO to myself the instant one comes on and it seems to push them away pretty quick. Stay strong and great work. Before you know it 2 weeks will be done!! :D:cool:


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