No Smoking Day
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(hotandcold)I'm in the 2nd week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes i've made it!!!!

i can't believe it but i did, this is the 8th day:D:

i still struggle with craving, but i stopped devouring all the available food supplies i can render.. instead i got used to saying no thanks when my mind tries to cheat me into smoking or eating lol...!! it's still hard some may say but it's relatively easy compare to the first week. i feel more like a non- smoker than ever before:)

thank you all so much, see you very very soon..!!!! :cool:

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Well Done very very well done!!

It is the most awsome feeling is it not?


Well Done very very well done!!

It is the most awsome feeling is it not?

is best!!!! i'm actually visiting my friend atm, who smokes all the time... i get so proud of myself when i don't take part in this vile activity! it gives me a boost and i no longer have the compulsion, so i just watch her smoke away...and wonder to myself, what can i do or say to make her stop..?:( it's just hard to see someone poisoning him/herself and deriving pleasure out of it... how twisted, isn't it?!?!!!!


Well done sea!

That first week under the belt is brilliant isnt it. It makes you feel like you could take on the world.

Keep going you are doing so well.

Lillie xx


Well done sea !!!:D

hope your feeling really proud and so you should be!!:)

have not seen you around last couple of days and was getting a little worried but so happy for you, although you are now posting in the wrong forum!:p

will put kettle on in WEEK 2 FORUM

week2 whoopeee??



So, so well done cos that first week is a nightmare but you made it whoohoo!! Don't forget you can now move into Week 2 now lol you deserve it:D

You are strong and you help silly people like me to be grateful for where I am and to stop feeling sorry for myself just because I had a bad week. So glad we are smokefree yeah:cool:


Zoe xx


Nice to see you sea was wondering where you were .i cant beleive your in wk 2 already glad for you.



thank you guys so much, i missed everyone! i go post in the right forum lol:D


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