6 Hours till this new guy starts 2nd week

Like to start of by saying hi to all the folks in the forum. I smoked for 21 years but have to say I'm hoping this time I will stay a non-smoker. I've tried hypnosis this time and so far limited withdrawls compared to my last experience with the patch. I know I have a long way to go so I've been reading post on this forum and today I decided to join. Thanks Joe

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  • Welcome Smokeless

    Congrats on your first week Keep posting You will have great support on here Linda xxx

  • Hello Joe x x

    Welcome to the site,

    Week 2 already! well done x x

    If you have tried before than your a step ahead already, you know that you can quit and you know what to avoid!

    Well done, keep posting ~Buffy x x

  • Thanks a bunch.. Well I made it to week two and I feel great about it. Hope everyone else is having a good day.

  • Welcome Joe....good people on here and all the support you could ever need. Good job and keep it up!!


  • Cheers Joe,

    I for one am having a good day :D sun is shining and it's Friday yay!

    Keep it up ~Buffy x

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