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2nd attempt ^^


Like the title, this is my second time trying to quit. I'm 17, have only been smoking six years but yeah. I'm going cold turkey, I tried before new years, managed to go 5 days without anything but I was drinking new years so I ended up smoking. Anyway, I haven't had anything since yesterday at about half 7 in the evening and haven't really craved today but I've been getting overly stressed. Hope I do it this time :)

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Hi Xkdx

Congrats on making the decision to quit. You know you can stop now the trick is staying stopped , in order for you to remain stopped you are going to have to read up . Two great websites are ffsonline.org and whyquit.com Both websites are key in understanding the addiction and quitting. Recommend a visit to both...and if you can then doing the program at FFS will help . It does start from someone who isnt stopped but just skip by this and continue with the rest.

Keep close to the forum and post whenever you feel the urge and hopefully someone ( usually Nic :) ) will be here for you.

But well done on getting back onto giving up so soon after smoking again , you can make this quit the one that lasts by applying yourself to a certain way of thinking. The websites listed above will go along way in educating yourself to stay stopped.

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi there and welcome,

Cant add much to that, except I'm getting a bit of a complex!!!

Anyway best of luck with it and keep posting!



I wish I had quit when I was 17!

Well done you for going for it. I just think how much money I have wasted since I was 17 - you are lucky, you can save that now!

Also - think about this: You have got to stop at sometime in your life (or you WILL die prematurely) so you may as well kick the habit now while you are young than string it out til you are old like me and chuck all that money into an ashtray.

Keep strong and stick with it -Good luck!

Hi Hun

Well done on choosing to quit and welcome. Good luck and post often let us know how you are doing.



Didn't do it :(

I got in to a bit of a stress and turned back to smoking to cover it up. I have a question, do the cravings actually ever go?

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I got in to a bit of a stress and turned back to smoking to cover it up. I have a question, do the cravings actually ever go?

Yes they do. Its a bit difficult to describe but after a 2-3 weeks the cravings actually change to urges, admittedly sometimes strong ones, but over the following months those urges get easier and easier to dismiss.

I'm nearly at 6 months and while I get the odd nostalgic feeling that I'd quite fancy a smoke its nothing much to deal with, however I know from others that a few days of strong urges to smoke can come out of nowhere at any time and even people that I know who have been quit for years say that every once in a while the feel that they would really fancy a smoke.

Now those feelings aren't cravings but they do crop up, mostly because of learned behaviour, which is where we do something in a particular way so much that it feels weird to do it any other way. Fortunately having smoked for only 5 years and being the age you are you don't have as much learned behaviour to break free from, as most of us here.

You are doing a really great thing quitting so young, over the years I have spent over 10 thousand pounds on poisoning myself, not clever!

All the best


Hi Kd

Welcome back and having the courage to post that you didnt make it last time, you are only 17 hun and if i could turn back the clock and stopped at your age i would without a doubt.

It's got to be something you really want to do, im only on week 3 but finding it so much easier then week 1.

You can do it hun if you really want to, you have only got to look at the posts on here to see that it can be done and you can do it to.

Take care and hopefully hear from you soon.



hi xkdx well done on your quit ,,you have to read the links on here,,they will help you so much,you know the old saying,,if at first you dont succead,try,try again,,it works,,you just keep the faith tony

Welcome to the forum kd, as usual I can't add to what the others here said, they're the pros! Always full of wisdom and advice, which you should heed and absorb if you're really serious about quitting.

I was just saying how great it was that Sami has decided to quit at 20, and here you come saying you're quitting at 17! I think what Jim said is reason enough for anyone to quit... 10 grand! Imagine what you could buy with that...

Take care, and good luck!

At the age of 17 please please stop now. Its not clever, its not social, its not nice. Look at all of us on this forum much older than you and trying to stop. You have your whole life in front of you to enjoy smoke free.


welcome to the forum yes the cravings do go away they get less and less often and turn to urges sometimes mild and sometimes strong but keep on resisting them and read loads read the links on here i do they all help and so will we

love margaret

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