No Smoking Day
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Day 13

Unlucky day number 13. Slept like crap but I think it's 50% my god awful mattress 25% obscene liquid intake and 25% quit smoking. Going to be an easy day as I am just going shopping for Christmas. I like Christmas, I really do, but something about the whole commercialization, plastic, and cardboard boxes really chaps my ass. I am going to hand make at least one gift this year to do my part and stick it to the man. Even if its complete shit it's the thought that counts, right? I'll keep you posted as I kick the dick off day 13. All the best my brothers and sisters in arms.

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Ok end of day 13. Had a long car ride but I have pretty much kicked the triggers I used to get from driving. The only thing I did buy were some homeopathic sleep aid stuff to go with my valerian root tea. I get some cravings but they come on more like nastalgic thoughts and not like the cravings of week one where I wanted to bolt to the car, drive to the nearest gas station, buy a pack, tape them all together and light them with an industrial torch while inhaling like a fiend. Life is good.


congrats and thats a good milestone when it passes from a crave to a fleeting thought, you are already on the right path!


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