Marching on

Well today marks a month as a non smoker - yee haw!!! This week I have met up with my only 2 smoking friends and come out unscathed! I'm at the point now where smelling the smoke is rank and puts me off, but when I'm not around smoke I still get the odd crave. Not strong, just a niggle but annoying!

So I'm barging my way into month 2 and looking for the comfy seats, though not too comfy as I aim to make it into month 3!!

Karen :-)

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  • Flipping heck Kazzi, I didn't see this before I posted a thread about you moving into month 2! Whoops, sorry. :o

    A massive well done!

    Now you sort them all out in month 2. I bet they haven't even tidied up sine I left! :D

    Molly x

  • Congratulations Kazzytee on reaching month 2. Way to go :) So pleased for you :D

    Love May x


    well done and ill prop the door open you dont need to barge in, Ive got cookies but can you bring some milk for the brews :)

  • Hi Kazzytee

    Well done you made it. Party!

  • Did someone mention cookies? Oh go on then..boot camp in January!!

  • huge congrates hun month 2 :D

    It's very nice here with alcohol, j20 ( for Biggrin and of course plenty of cookies )

    Diets and master weight losses aren't aloud till 2013 :D

    Well pleased xx

  • Month 2 now Karen, fantastic. Well done :)

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