No Smoking Day
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DGee and the March Hares

Hey there, nearly one year in (3 days to go) It has been a bit of a roller coaster but I'm proud to say that I'm a non-smoker! WOO HOO I see DGee is still around- well done mate!

Anyone else from no smoking day last year?

I just realised that I've gotten a bit premature and posted in the wrong room and can't seem to delete it! Oh well never mind :cool: too excited LOL

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dotdot, how the heck are you?

Long time no see!

Congrats on your success (I mean, "our" success)!

I think we may be the only two people to make it all year. Hope I'm wrong, but I haven't seen anyone else in a long time. :(

Feels good, doesn't it? :)


Massive well done to both of you! 3 days to go! I am so pleased for you!:)


Thanks it feels great and I have to admit to being a little smug! :eek:

I hope that the others have made it too, maybe they'll pop in, I'd be surprised in particular if rogue didn't keep with it.

HAZE, I remember you being a month before us! Well done you:)!


DGee and DotDot

What a great achievement, just a few more days till that all important one year mark. So well done:)

Fi x


Wtg DotDot! Great achievement! I am bummed to still have a bit to go seeing as I was a Hare for a few haha. Right behind you all!


Wtg DotDot! Great achievement!

Yep! It IS a great achievement. Enjoy the day, dotdot!

I'm going to finally have a smoke. :D



I was in this group. :)

How can you forget your achievement Dotdot? Massive well done to you :)


I remember the March Hares! Well done DGee, dotdot and rogue on this fantastic milestone. I'll belatedly buy you all a you go, some Babychams on me. You guys were all so really supportive of one another and very funny too. Great stuff to see you succeed and the others who didn't make it get back on the quitting horse again. Muchos kudos to you all. P.S. the SNUS debarcle was one of the funniest things I witnessed on here....having it in your signature reminded me of it funny but thankgod he was got rid of!

Love Lisa xx


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