March to freedom :(

Hi all,

i was on here and quit in march and was part of the March to Freedom group and with the help and encourangement from this forum, i ALMOST made the 6 month mark. HOWEVER.... in august i was on holiday in Turkey for 2 weeks and was constantly surrounded by smokers (something i hadnt experienced in a LONG time). i was stupid to believe people when they told me that they 'only smoke on holiday' and though yeah, i cant do that! nope - i have smoked ever since :( cant believe i crumbled. This is the first i have come on here as i am so ashamed at myself - i genuinely felt i would never smoke again and now i am square 1 scared that i wont have strength to go through it all again. hence since i failed in august ive just continued to smoke :(

Ive now realised i need to face up to this mistake - put it behind me and quit again. i'll get there and it'll be worth it!!

I dont think i would have failed if i hadnt neglected this forum after 3 or 4 months of being quit - its like i stopped coming on and forgot all the advice (MAINLY - THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ONE CIGARETTE!) So if i do it this time i am here to stay - even if its just to help other new quitters.

I dont know if it will be tomorrow that i quit. i would like it to be and will spend the rest of my evening convincing myself to do it. But i just dont want to promise that on here yet. however there's no time like the present ;)

Lis xx

PS I quit with nicorette mini's - they are amazing for me. if i take one then guaranteed in 5 mins i wont want to smoke. so that will be my method. C'MON! :D thanks for listening/reading - love to all x

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  • oh i just saw my signature :( i will need to change that. that made me feel sooo bad when i saw it!! argh!

  • Well you're back

    Big smile to you from a newbie :) :) :)

    hope to see you soon, smelling like fresh laundry, breathing deeply and with a smile on your face as well!!

  • Hello fellow March to freedom quitter :)

    Yes i was one of them too hun :o

    same here with the holiday, i started up because i kept thinking of all the duty free i could buy cheeply :eek:

    no need for me to preach onto you, as you know how it works.

    My only advice would be, take it in your stride and dont pressure yourself into it and i look forward to seeing you back here again ((hugs))

    Snowie xx

  • don't be too hard on yourself hun. I've quit before and started again. The main thing is that you keep trying, and you will suceed.

    I get ya on the being ashamed. My family and other halfs family didn't even know i smoked, i have kept it hidden for 5 years and never smoked when i'm with them (tricky, but i managed it) they all think i quit for good over 5 years ago and i've always been too embarrassed to admit that i've smoked all this time. 36 years old and my mam has never known.. what a sap I am :o but thankfully this time i'll do it for good and they'll never have to know.

    Do it when you're ready to Lisa, we'll all be here for you :)

  • thanks all for your positive words.

    I have run through it in my head and i am going to do it tomorrow. i have my whole plan set out - going to take a mini before i even set foot down the stairs. hopefully then it will have kicked in by the time i reach my normal 'fag time'.

    so tomorrow will be my day 1. seems like such a massive mountain to climb right now but the quicker i start the quicker i will get to where i was before.

    thanks for admitting you were a fellow march-er too - makes me feel remotely better!

    to be honest, now i've told myself i'm doing it i actually thought 'oh thank goodness', as if ive already taken the first step.

    GOOD LUCK ALL. we can do this if we stick together :)

    ever-grateful (really mean that)


  • day 1 good morrrrrning everyone :D

    have a wonderful monday


  • Welcome to day 1 Lisa.

    Be strong girl

  • :D Congrats on Day 1 Lisa. You have already taken the first big step and decided to stop smoking now you have stopped smoking its a case of taking it minute by minute, hour by hour, try not too think to far ahead, hun, just take it easy and deal with the Nicodemon as and when.

    Good luck and do keep posting

  • day 1 good morrrrrning everyone :D

    have a wonderful monday


    Morning Lisa,

    Have a great day one hun, stay strong, you can do this :)

    Snowie xx

  • Welcome back Lisaloo....

    I have quit twice before whilst being a member of this site and came back with my tail between my legs, but that's the great thing about this site, no-one's gonna judge you, cos we've all been there (and some of us more than once lol)....the main thing is that you are back :)

    Keep smiling and keep trying and we'll all get through this together :D

  • Well Done

    Well Done on your first day Lisaloo!!

    George x

  • aw thanks for all your support guys.

    so far so good and its lunch time at the office!! just ploughing on with my work (and over dosing on the mini's lol)

    update u tonight!

    have a super day :)


  • hellllo everyone!!

    Its now after dinner time - can i go to bed now so that i am no longer on day 1 and can wake up and visit the day 2ers haha.

    Its not been bad as first time i quit i must say, although smoking OH not home yet :(

    i wont give in though - i dont want to!

    stay positive all


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