Hi - day 1 (again)

Hi i'm new here.

Day 1 of my millionth or so attempt to quit. I managed 2 years before really easy when I was in my early twenties so started again after a few drinks one night a couple of years later safe in the knowledge I could just give up again whenever I felt like it. How wrong can one be! That was a long time ago. Have tried many subseqent times but without sustained success. 3 - 6 months is the norm. I have a real problem with long term strong cravings. Sure i'm not the only one. Is this time different? I hope so. Why? Why not. I might be lucky who knows. God bless and good luck

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  • Hi and welcome to the forum. This is a really good place to get a lot of advice, help and info. The best thing you will ever be told is to read, read and read some more. I would also suggest that you visit if you ever feel like a rant. The people here are very niceand more importantly understanding. Feel free to ask any questions at all because chances are that someone will have gone through it.

    My own advice would be to not overthink it. As the lovely Carol (cat lady) will tell you, take it one minute/hour/day at a time and don't think too far ahead. The goal every morning is to get through that one day.

    Good luck. I'm sure you don't need it.

  • Hi Mark thanks for that.

    Well I'm going CT this time as I want to just push through it so in terms of commitment, I'm there. Just need to get enough momentum behind me this time I'm sure.

    Will keep in mind what you've said and check back often.

    Thanks again


  • Hi Ollie, welcome to the forum and well done on deciding to quit again!

    I went through loads and loads of old posts written by long term quitters

    when I first quit. They really helped me understand how I felt about quitting. I don't think I would have gotten through the first couple of weeks without reading them.

    Please post often and let us all know how you're getting on :)

  • Hi Ollie

    Welcome to wonderland :)

    I hope this is the one for you.

    We have all tried to quit so many times before but this forum and the great people on it really make a difference.

    You will make your own luck I'm sure :cool:

    Take care of yourself and keep posting


  • Thanks for the support guys. Already feeling more positive. One day at a time eh. Hopefull for a move over to the day 2 forum tomorrow.

    Thanks again


  • Not hopefully. You will be in day 2 forum tomorrow.

  • Hi Ollie

    Welcome to the forum, can't add much more to Mark's fab post really. Get your MINDSET, you can do this:) All the very best in your quit.

    Fi x

  • Moving over to day 2 forum. Aiming for day 3 tomorrow not looking further than that. Thanks again for the messages.


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