champix day 1 (AGAIN)

well thats day one almost done again, stopped for nine months , then smoked for 7 weeks, aghhhh. So back on the champix that worked so well previously this is day 11 should have stopped on day 8 but did back in aghhhh. So here we go again this time im determind not to have that 'one smoke' even 9 months down the line.

hmmmmm...... wonder what day 2 will bring eeek

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  • Well done buddy.

    Glad to see you've bitten the bullet. I've used the back gone so I can't stop yet, excuse myself in the past;)

    Stay strong and use this place.

    Keep it greasy!


  • cheers looking forward to the challenge..... 'i cant wait to see what its like on the outside now'

  • Remember the only way to be free is to never smoke again,

    For a smoker - "The torture never stops"


  • Well done, I'm glad you got it together and stopped :D

    Good luck, but well done - day 1 is a very important day.

  • I also back many times guy

  • How you doing today Zappa. xxx

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