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champix day 1 (AGAIN)

well thats day one almost done again, stopped for nine months , then smoked for 7 weeks, aghhhh. So back on the champix that worked so well previously this is day 11 should have stopped on day 8 but did back in aghhhh. So here we go again this time im determind not to have that 'one smoke' even 9 months down the line.

hmmmmm...... wonder what day 2 will bring eeek

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Well done buddy.

Glad to see you've bitten the bullet. I've used the back gone so I can't stop yet, excuse myself in the past;)

Stay strong and use this place.

Keep it greasy!



cheers looking forward to the challenge..... 'i cant wait to see what its like on the outside now'


Remember the only way to be free is to never smoke again,

For a smoker - "The torture never stops"



Well done, I'm glad you got it together and stopped :D

Good luck, but well done - day 1 is a very important day.


I also back many times guy


How you doing today Zappa. xxx


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