No Smoking Day
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Grumble weeds time

Im Joining Biggrin

A pox upon thee im sure someone has cursed me, my skin has dried out and flaking like a pensioners, i have SPOTS AND A BOIL BY MY NOSE, I itch from tip to toe, my bruising is coming out (after a week!) so im kinda yellow grey blue in lots of places, i cant wash my hair and my mums dog keeps jumping on my lap and farting then buggering off

on the upside i got a cuddle when he was sleeping last night so i think the cloud for him has started to pass

and my mum still hasnt had a smoke here and dad has massivley cut down, in fact he's said he cant wait to go home cos its killing him! uhm no dad youve got that back to front me thinks

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Don't you just love how animals do that :D

They don't care if you're giving up smoking or not, they still gonna fart! hehehe!

Despite your troubles Sassy I still love the way you turn it round by the end of your post....

I think you will go the way of Biggrin soon, the grumble will fade to a mumble which isn't far off a laugh and a biggrin! :D

The only way is up ... innit!

Stay strong Sassy




Sweeeeeeet grumbletime!

my dogs bum smells much worse after quiting smoking.... little sod does it more on purpose now!!!

Good Luck, you sound like your winning! :)


I dont think I would have got 3 big dogs if I had been able to smell their farts properly. It is the 1 downside to my new life. Still gotta love them.


3 big dogs.................priceless! :D:D:D


Ahh Sassy I am sending hugs forthwith!!! x

Maybe the dog thinks he/she is "sharing the love"..our mutt comes to thank you for her dinner without fail every night..consisting of a huge burp right into your face...I wouldnt mind so much if she wasn't having chappy mixed through her dinner every night, she almost manages to blow the smell into your face too...:confused:

Glad to hear you got a cuddle...I tried for one last night but all I got was the sound of him chewing on his gum!!!....not :rolleyes:



thanks guys,

I love a token moan, infact if you see a day when ive not had a token moan somethings seriously wrong, I have to stay upbeat though its just exhausting being miserable and frankly im too lazy to be depressed,

Mum and dad have gone (just) taking fart dogs with them so my house stinks, but mum bleached all my kitchen and windows and skirting boards for me to make up for it (I hate that job) and dad cooked the chicken for tea so i only have to boil the veggies.

Im gutted i didnt have spots as a teen, and now i look like sloth of the goonies (honestly its a huge red blob pulling the side of my nose and top lip, but its got a teensy white heat and 3 heartbeats of its own, i may call it Rick and charge it rent soon.


Brilliant!! I am not the only one that has pimples with their own heartbeat...mum still rips the wet out of me for saying that many moons ago...but we both know its true!!!! I swore the dam thing was flashing at me :eek:


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