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Fresh Start 12/11/12

Tomorrow (12/11/12) is..... Day 1 of attempting to quit a 7 year smoking habit! :confused: smoking is a huge part of my life socially and personally, it is going to be difficult and I am going to have to be strong. I hope I can find the strength and determination to improve my health and life by becoming a non smoker.

I would really appreciate support from the members of We Quit to help me stay determined to stick to the changes i have chosen to make to my lifestyle. I have never tried to quit before or joined an online forum so I am a real "junior" :p

Messages of encouragement would be greatly appreciated from fellow quitters especially because my boyfriend, who I live with is also a smoker but is not attempting cut down or quit :mad: I hope that I can be an inspiration to him and we will eventually both become non smokers.

Wish me luck.......:o

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Welcome Lottie, you'll get lots of hep and advice here. Read lots of posts because I found that to be a great help in the beginning. Good luck


Hi Lottie.Welcome and well done for making one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. The wonderful people on this forum will give you tons of support. Una is right, read through these threads for help and inspiration. x



Welcome Lottie! Good decisions to quit and to join this forum, hope today goes well for you!:D


Hi Lottie!!!

You will definately get lots of help and advice on this forum. One thing I would say is not to let your smoking BF discourgae you. He won't deliberately try but it is so easy when living with another smoker to cave. Whether you will be an inspiration to him is irrelevant at the moment. Focus on you and your quit before you worry about him and his. When he sees how much healthier you are and how you are better able to cope with life then he will realise the benefits. Just get yourself through the first while before focusing on him. And even if he doesn't quit, you didn't fall in love with him because he was a smoker.

Good luck and go for it!!!


Hi Lottie,

I am in the same postion as you.

I am on day 27 of my quit but my better half has not quit although she has started to cut down, so i am hoping she will quit also.

It is not easy to do but so far so good.

the only Tip i can give you is, initally dont be in the same room as your OH when he is having a cig.

ask him not to leave a pack of cigs lying around to avoid temptation.

I did both these for the first week and it helped me.

Good luck!!!


welcome lottie

Hi. Well done you. I guess you have always been a leader and an innovator, so maybe it will suit you to be out in front. I think quitting is contagious, certainly my stop followed from someone else whom I admired. I also quit for my health but what I am really noticing is the money. Yay I'm rolling in it and it's only been 12 days. Best of luck and good wishes.


these peeps are fab!

The people on this website are're in the right place...

Best of luck xxx


Wishing you loads of strength to help you with your quit Lottie

Well done for making the decision, a difficult one as your other half smokes still but you sound strong in your determination. :)

Keep taking baby steps and don't look back, onward and upward for you my gal! :D

Well done posting your first of many messages too :)

Take care





Just what the others said! Wishing you all the very best in your quit. May this be 'the one'.

Fi x


Good luck lottie, stay strong, you can do it!!! Im sure it will be hard with your partner still smoking and the advice the others have given you is great. After a few days the smell of cigs may be quite horrible to you and therefore you could use it as a positive reinforcement that you're doing the right thing!



Never to late

Today is the first of not Smoking cigars.I am 55 and have been Smoking on and off (mainly on) since I was 14.Just Cigars since I was 19.I have stopped before and lasted a year once.I had a cigar to celebrate the year and started again.:

I need to stop now before it really affects my health.Also I would like to travel more,the money saved would help achieve that If I can reach Jan 1st I feel I would have a chance of stopping.

I will be using patches and lots of will power for the first few weeks then just will power.Any other tips would be good no matter how silly.My wife has told me to carry a crystal around with me so I am used to silly ideas.


Hi, welcome and good luck. Don't know about the crystal but I always say don't knock it till you've tried it. Best advice I can give is to read lots of posts and you'll find it helps a lot.


Welcome Copseman, and good luck with your quit. Keep posting during the initial stages of your quit and let us know how you are doing.


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