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Hello all,

Im starting a fresh quit today! Im 26 from Derby UK, just married and fed up of the fear, anxieties this smoking habit is causing me. It dawned on me I have been smoking ten years, and its far too easy to put it off.

Its my fourth serious attempt (in as much as I feel mentally prepared) previously managed 6 months and two months (x2)

Im off jogging tonight, I consider myself fairly fit, can play squash for hour and half without too much difficulty. But then I think, well I could be EVEN FITTER if my quit last!!

I 'currently' smoke 10 - 15 a day, so not too heavy, but certainly too many!

Im going for cold turkey as I know after two to three days the nicotine has gone (even if the craving hasnt) and this spurs me on!

Speak to some of you soon - hopefully Ill be sticking around!

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  • Really good luck to you, Im in exactly the same boat, 10-15 a day, 10 yrs, 27 yrs old and reasonably fit....

    Day one nearly over though, looking forward to day two!!

    Well done you



  • Nice to 'meet' someone in the same boat!!

    Keep it up!

    My wife smokes, so Ive had to warn her not to smoke near the doors, dont want that glorious smell wafting in and catching me unawares!!

  • Oooh err, difficult stuff....

    Try and get her to maybe only smoke when you wont be aware of it, like if you go to the toilet or out for a run or something. May help a little if you dont realise its going on?

    Good luck!

    x x

  • Welcome

    Hi and welcome to the forum, and well done on your quit looks like you and Cinders have a lot in common, it is always good to have someone at the same stage as you to spur you on when necessary.

    i am also CT and i have just finished my first week (not my first quit but it is my last)

    Read the links from some of the other users, post as often as you want/need feel free to rant, rave, or whatever we have seen it all before;)

    Good luck and let us know how it's going.

  • Hi all you new guys and congratulations on stopping. It's so good to see people stopping when you are young, you will all benefit so much for the future. My recommendation is to read about the addiction so that you understand what you are going through, you will find them at the bottom of my signature and those of many others.

    Very best to you all will be looking out each day for you.


  • Thanks. Just come on to rant ha just kidding.

    I am really struggling tonight, football is on, would usually sit down with a few beers and some ciggies in between, and I feel like I am missing out, keep telling myself it is only a short term thing!

  • Morning all,

    How did you get on with the footie and all??

    Can we move to day two now??


  • Certainly can - kept myself busy and I was ok, feel good this morning, didnt even really miss my morning smoke, I am fully aware it will jump out at me some time today though!

  • I was fine yesterday, but struggling a bit this morning...

    Have all the "so what if I smoke forever" thoughts going on.. "lots of people smoke, why shouldnt I"... Ha ha... This is madness!


  • Amazing isnt it, how much you can want to quit and just a few hours in your mind plays every trick in the book to justify, I keep fighting with the classic thought of "I could ge hit by a bus tomorrow"

    There are so many 'reasons' to smoke (well not to break the addiction) but I keep thinking how good I felt after a few months last time before I was stupid enough to go back for 'just the one!'

  • I think in an ideal world we could be put to sleep for the hard bit....

    Do you think your wife will use you as inspiration and give up too?

  • She keeps talking about it, I think she will, but we cant do it at the same time. She also has a stressful job, which means I never push her, she has to deal with more unpleasant things at work than I do.

  • Yeah, its tough doing it together.....I wouldnt recommend it!

    Good luck with day two anyway....


  • You to......feeling ok now?

    Just fought off my first pang of the day :-)

  • My thoughts on couples quitting..

    If there is two of you in the same house, sometimes it can be very stressful because your negative energies on the bad days can often cause problems due to neither party being the calming influence. If you get really moody for example and you both are.. who is going to spot it and put it down to the addiction? You? your partner? problem is , neither of you may spot the reason why you are both in a mood.

    That said though, no reason why a couple should not quit.. but perhaps consider staggering the quit dates by 1 month. The main push for this is that the first person quitting can gain the local in-house support of their partner during the first tricky days/weeks, and when the end of month 1 arrives and the partner quits too.. the one that quit first is in a much better frame of mind and can speak from an experience standpoint for the other, so its like a return of the support that he/she received when they started their quit.

    If you do quit on the same day though, you need to be prepared for the moody days as they inevitably will happen. It may be that you both crave at the same time if you were used to smoking at the same times too. Remember we saw smoking as a bit of a social thing at the time, so to get a craving at the same time is not out of the question.

    Hope this helps.

    Anyway, back to YOUR quits...

    the very very best of luck to you in these very early days, it is a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself and also those around you. Probably will be the best thing you have ever done, so stick at it.. the rewards and feeling of well being are amazing. Wish i could show you how it can be right at this moment, but if you can take my word for it, then keep going, keep being stubborn with the cravings and never give in to them.

    Stay strong and hope you succeed all your expectations.

  • Yeah... all better now... Still cannot bear to think about a week down the line still not smoking but focussing on one day at a time is working like a treat.

    I found yesterday really bearable... Im kinda panicking about that now thinking today will be horrendous as a result or something?

    Are you feeling stronger today than yesterday?


  • Hi Steph

    Yeah... all better now... Still cannot bear to think about a week down the line still not smoking but focussing on one day at a time is working like a treat.

    I found yesterday really bearable... Im kinda panicking about that now thinking today will be horrendous as a result or something?

    Are you feeling stronger today than yesterday?


    Hi Steph

    nice to see you made it to day two :) just think couple of more days and the nicotine will be out of yuor body so you dont have to feed it anymore, all you have to do is cope with the body changes sleep pattern, coughs colds, but you can do this Steph you know you can :)

  • Ah ha... there you are... I tried posting somewhere else about the Valerian Bradders... its worked really well, you may wannt try some?

    I had a tea about eight and was out for the count by nine and slept right through for.. 9 and a half hours!! Toot toot... how indulgent...

    Was so nice am thinking of doing it again tonight just for the hell of it!?

    Are you still not sleeping? x

  • Definately, to be honest yesterday was such a long day!

    Ive found in the past it gets worse day by day and peaks around day four, then it gets easier, however this is only based on MY past experience. Generally speaking, within a couple of weeks most quitters I know start to have only weak 'cravings'.

  • Jesus Christ alive I sincerely hope this does not get gradually worse peaking on Saturday!! That thought makes me want to punch myself in the face!

  • Yes but your nearly haf way there, and that is only my personal experience.

    A week goes by so quickly and Im thinking its worth feeling god awful for a week as it WILL get easier after that!

  • Your right... must focus again....

    One day at a time... one day at a time....

    thanks... teetered wildly on the edge there for all of four/five mins...


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