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Quit time 12:20PM 11/18/2007

Hi everyone.......They say support is part of the whole quitting process and I see here we plenty of it!!!! My name is Mike and I have been smoking 20-25 cigarettes for 14 years. I am now 31 years old and just sick of smoking !!! The way it makes me feel at times is just not worth know increased anxiety, feeling heavy in the chest, that smokers tint on the skin, smell...etc, etc, etc!!!! I tried quitting five days ago and made it for one day when I found the withdrawl symptoms to be too hot to handle but I really didn't have urges just the symptoms. I went to the store and got the gum mint flavor which hopefully will reduce the symptoms. so I start now with Gum and all and the feeling that I rather not quit but at the same time I just want to become a non smoker already!!!! So everyone you'll be hearing from me and any advice I would greatly appreciate!!!

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keep at it

hi mike!!!

welcome and congrats on making a great decision. You will have hard times ahead, i wont lie to you, and some days u will feel like screaming, but remember, every day it gets a bit easier, and this forum def helped me through those bad times. In the beginning i was on here all the time ranting and raving and there was always LOTS of people to sympathise, make me laugh and get me back on track. But u must stay strong and think tomorrow is another day, and i promise it gets easier.

Take care and good luck, we are always here for you x


Hi mike and good luck i am using the gum but i did not like the mint stuff i have the fresh fruit and its tastes nice, be carefull and make sure you chew it slowerly as it can give you very bad acid.

Keep us all informed and well done.


welcome Mikeey and Whiteboy, its a great forum. realy friendly and suportive. if you feel like cracking come on here this lot will crack you up he he ! stay strong,


hey Boudee wonder if Gavs baby has arrived yet. been watching for a post but nothing yet.


I'm sure it's all good

I'm sure that everything's ticketyboo - but that Gav just doesn't want to get errant baby-poo or placenta on his keyboard ! (eeeewwww)



ooh! you are awful max, sweet as honey the last thread i read ha!


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