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Fresh Start

HI everyone back again, i will keep on trying ,feeling strong this morning

so baby steps for me .will post on here as much as i can as really WANT and

NEED to succeed this time ,failing is not an option !!!

wierd thing is ive have never been away from this forum,have been reading everyday.well done sally !! you have done great and to read all the success stories and posts give `s me extra strength. well done to everyone and thankyou for all the previous support on my other quits. all i know is i cannot stop trying as i really dont want to smoke anymore.

lots love ali xx

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Welcome back Ali

Really great to see you back here, and was hoping it would be sooner rather than later. Keep strong and you KNOW you can do it.



Welcome back Alison ;) you sound very up beat this time!! well done


Big thanks deke.

well done you !! your doing brilliant. one hour at a time eh.

I need to stay strong ,i know ,but i just have to do it this time.

going to keep busy today sun is shinning,and im feeling happy so

thats a good start.

lots love ali xx


Thanks slinky.

yes feeling upbeat today ,so yes thats a good start.


lots love ali xx


Lovely to have you back quitting hun. Just take it bit by bit things may be a little easyer this time because you have not been back smoking for long. it can be done babes I smoked 40 a day for 35 years never in my life thought I could get past one day. but once I started trying to quit every time I fail I keep trying. Hopfully this is the one this time.xxxxxxxxx


Hi Linda , thanks for that given me abit of faith, had a good day so far.

feeling quite good so perhaps im ready mentally this time.

just gonna take baby steps hour by hour. been busy today so that has helped alot. thankyou for your kind words.

lots love ali xx:)


Hi Alison :D

Big welcome back and well done on your restart, you sound so positive this time around take it hour by hour, day by day and you'll get there

Continue to read and post we are all here for you every step of the way for as long as you need us we'll be here for you I promise


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Alison,

Glad you are back,you sound very positive,keep it up.


Hello marg & anniem,

Still feeling good thanks. might succeed this time.going to work eventually

feel alot more educated on this quit.with so many quits ive got to gain something if not experience eh.practice makes perfect well nearly!!.

Its so nice to have peoples support. hubby is still puffing away but im going to

try my best to educate him so he wants to quit. (he just wont realise it !)

cant wait to go into day two.

lots love ali xx:D


Hi ali, glad your back and this time is the right time, you sound really positive and as you say practice makes perfect.

well done nearly on day 2 now!



i was a roll smoker for 20years 2-at the beginning they tasted lovely and sweet but u know and i know that that good taste is long gone!

i'll tell u a story bout rolls-xmas 2005-boxing day-in a pup wi loud music lots of drunk people and i'm in wi this gorgeous babe-because the bar was packd we sat at a table wi some guys opposite-it turns out they r polish and one of them keeps tryen 2 get my attention-wen i went to use the ashtray he'd move it away from me and mutter something-he was drunk 2 so i hadnt a clue wat he was on about-then he pointd towards the toilets and i'm thinking-rite he either fancies me or the girl or both of us-anyway i follow him down and i remember every word he said-

"you smoke the same as me.golden virginia-i'm 39 and have 9 months to live because of smokn that-wether i give up now or not i'll not c next christmas-i mite get a few xtra months but that stuff's killing me rite now-ur with a nice girl-u still have lots of health-give it up now or u'll be like me-dont tell that girl or anything-i dont want sympathy-i'm telling u this so u mite stop-"

then they left not long after that and i never seen him again-one things 4 sure-he's dead and we aint-he wantd to help me and i think his story mite help u 2-i was off them 4 a year that new years eve and it was so easy!

stupidly i startd again and i sort of thought-i can do it again-i couldnt-i'v spent 3 years going round in circles-i'm off them one day now-i feel good-and i know that support here is helpn me-i hope u make it-a wee bit at a time dude-u know wat u wana do-so do it-and i will 2


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