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Hi all well the time has come for me to quit smoking due to ill health , i start champix today so hope to be off fags by the 19th nov ... its the first time on champix for me , so if anyone can give me any info about them it will be much appriciated

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Never tried it sorry but very best of luck with your quit . You know its the right thing thats what you have to train yourself to remember :)

Hi there. Well done for taking the first step for giving up. I am on champix and have given up for 10 weeks now. I can't believe how good they are as I never thought I could ever get the motivation to give up but they really do help. The thought of having a cigarette now makes me feel a bit ill.

One side affect I had was that I would feel sick shortly after taking the tablet. So to make it feel not so bad, I take the morning one about 15 minutes after I've had my breakfast, basically letting my breakfast settle in my stomach and then taking the tablet so it's not being taken on an empty stomach and normally take the afternoon one about 3 - 4 pm. You will dream a lot more. I wake up thinking wow lol!

Good luck. :-)

Good Morning lincsfem,

I have been using Champix and have quit since Sept 9th.

The stomache thing is true. It makes your stomache feel upset for about 30 mins. I got very vivid dreams from it. I felt very hazy the first week on it, but, that could be my body without nicotine too. Some people find you get very tired when using it, because of the dreams you willl have and waking up many times through the night.

I kept a great "log" on here of my experiences, if you wanna read check them out. This was my true experiences on Champix.

Good luck with the quit!!


Although it seems quite common for some side effects I have found little if any so far and I'm into my third week on it. I did read someone on here say they only started getting symptomns towards the end of the treatment.

It's not a magic pill but i would say that by three or four days of the starter kit you will probably realise you're not smoking as much and they taste a bit rank. A few days later i was forceing myself to smoke as I'd mentally prepared myself to give up on the Monday and wanted to make the most of it.

In the second week although I wasn;t getting physical craveings it was more times of the day that I associated with smoking i.e. leaving work, before bed, at the pub. But the Champix made it controllable.

Hiya Lincs

I used Champix to quit (along with reading the Easy Way book). My side effect was nausea, which seems to be quite common but doesn't happen to everyone. Your doctor can give you advice or people tend to experiment with how long after food they take the pill.

I quit in March this year and am now happily plodding along as a non-smoker. I truly believe that the pills helped but the stuff I read helped to change my entire attitude and thinking about smoking - which is key.

Welcome to a better-smelling life of freedom! x

day 2

thank you for all your posts

im now on day 2 only smoked 8 fags yesterday instead of the normal 20+

today i have been craving them more but not given in have smoked 5 so far and will prob have 1 befor i go to bed ..i dont seem to be haqving any side affects (touch wood ) :)


Have you quit yet? :)

have i quit yet

Hi nope am on day 5 and am still smoking feel like tablets are not doing anything now :-(

Hi there, I'm on Champix too, today is day 3 smoke free :) I found that there were days when I could smoke quite happily on the Champix and others when I didn't want to, I set my quit date for Sunday and here I am :) feel ok so far, still think about the fags of course, but think that is more habit than actually wanting one if you get me, still early days for me and have tried NRT and cold turkey in the past so really wanting this to work...

Keep going!! The tablets will do their bit in the end, keep in touch and let us know you get on!!

Reading this forum is helping me, so thanks everyone who posts :D

You need to give yourself a quit date really. I had told myself when I quit that it would be on the Monday in September but the Sunday I had realised that I hadn't had a cigarette yet so thought I might as well give up today then and I have never looked back.

Wanting a cigarette is habit more than anything but I really don't think I could have a cigarette ever again now after quitting for 10 weeks now.

Good luck.

Hey lincsfem,

Like Jolmbagpuss said, pick a day in that 14 day window...hell pick the last day if you want to...I did....but be will find that the drug will strat to kick in and you will smile (i promise) because they will start to taste dreadful! That was when I knew they were working. I quit on day 8 of taking the pills...

But up till day 6 I was huffin and puffin like dont get discouraged, they will kick in.


My planned quit date was day 7 and had to force myself to smoke on those last days.

I would say that it's probably best to pick a date and stick with it though.

day 6

well im on day 6 having hot swets but feeling realy cold , still not stopped smoking and fags dont taste any dif grrrrrrrr i really want this to work

day 6

well im on day 6 having hot swets but feeling realy cold , still not stopped smoking and fags dont taste any dif grrrrrrrr i really want this to work

Keep at it. Have you given yourself a quit date yet? I left my date right till the end of the two weeks. You have to give yourself a quit date really and then make sure you don't smoke from then onwards and I promise you it will be easier than you think on the champix. I still wanted a cigarette to start with but it wasn't a be all end all and then slowly it got easier and easier.

quit date

my quit date is saturday that will be day 9

I am hoping not as I am in the same position as you, day 15 and the worse side effect few sleepless nights, inch or so around the waist and a increased hot flushes :O)

I will be interested to hear other people experience though!!

I am on Champix too and just coming to the end of quit day 4. I found the Champix really kicked in once i started taking the 2 big tablets on day 8. How are you doing anyway ?

I just restarted my Champix yesterday and I am waiting for them to kick in. I don't believe in setting a quit date though, as the countdown to that date is way too stressful. If I tell myself I have 'got' to stop smoking, I get bad-tempered and crave. If I tell myself I 'can' smoke, I don't want to, but that is just my own perversity :rolleyes: So I will go with the flow and I will know when I am ready to quit.

I did get side effects last time, nausea and very vivid dreams but it was worth it to quit smoking. Will be glad to get started again, on my quit I mean :D


I didnt make a date either when i started my Champix, I just woke up on day 10 and knew that was the day as the thought of smoking made me feel sick.

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