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29th October Finally Arrived!


Just wanted to share with you all that I have stopped smoking (last one smoked on 29.10.12). :D I am just enjoying the freedom and well just getting on with life. I'm trying not to think about smoking too much as when I've stopped in the past I find that if I over-****yse smoking especially in the early days - I've found myself actually craving for one and then eventually having one!!!:eek: I just think smoking is mainly a mind game and I don't want to play too much at the beginning of stopping!

Good luck to those who have also stopped and those who are thinking of stopping and look forward to being on here :)

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Good luck with your quit Mich! You wont regret it that's for sure!:)


Good luck mich you know your weakness's like we all do just 1 won't hurt but its that 1 that leads us back smoking

Keep it up xx



Mind over matter it is! You seem to be in a good frame of mind and I wish you all the very best in your quit.

Fi x


Thank you!

Hi thank you all for your replies :) - I'm still feeling positive - thought the other day about how I used to enjoy having a cup of tea and a cig first thing in the morning but then I thought yes but what about the one after that you have to smoke then the one after that - then the one after that ...... You are right there is no such thing as 1 cig!

Anyway just enjoying the feeling of freedom from the weed :D

Thanks again and everyone have a good weekend.xx


Hi Mich, you are doing very well. I really admire you going CT. I tried but couldn't do it. Have a good smoke free weekend.


Hi Una

Thanks. I've read Allen Carr's book so many times and been to a few of his courses (have stopped with this method a few times but did start again..) but I think it all stays with me what I've picked up from him and I think I just try not to think about smoking too much - (have done in the past and just end up craving then buying some). So try not to ****yse it too much.

Well done to you to - I think we're all different and both my sisters who were quite heavy long term smokers both gave up via NRT and many people do. Just as long as we don't touch the weed again is the main thing.:) Have a good weekend.


Hi Mich,

I read around this forum and one thing always stuck in my mind (NOPE):





Just one will lead you back to the start. Keeping that in mind has worked for me so far!

All the best,



Good for you Mich :)

Nice to see you back and stopped, hope everything goes well for you.

Take Care



Hi Paul

Thanks for your reply. See you stopped just before me - well done to you too!

Yes still feel good II had a moment where I thought - mmm I used to love having a cig with a cup of tea first thing in the morning but then I just think about the one you have to have after the 1st one and the one after that one and so on and I just think no I don't want to start the whole filthy chain again! To to honest I really look forward to just having a cup of tea now!

I also read something on the internet which sticks in my mind as a non-pressurising statement and it makes me feel in control and that stopping smoking is so achievable:

In order to succeed you've just got to not want to smoke more than you want to.


Smoking doesn't enhance occassions

Smoking doesn't make bad situations better

Keep us posted.

Michelle x


Hi Greg

Thanks - yeah I feel really good - as you might have read to my reply to Paul - had the odd thought but didn't dwell and moved on. Feel very positive and you've done well too! I've used the inhalator before and I did like it also my sister had it permanently fixed to her mouth for the first few months when she stopped successfully (10 years ago).

Take care and look forward to reading your updates.




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