I've Arrived :)

Well after a year of being thrown some major curve balls I'm happy to say I've remained smoke free and am now entering the penthouse, Yayyy!

It hasn't been an easy journey and there are many times I could have turned to my old friend Nic for comfort and support. However I made some new friends instead!

Without all your support and my dogged determination to never smoke again things could have been different. So thank you everyone for all the kindness and support you have shown me, particularly during those early days.

I congratulate everyone who has entered and will enter the penthouse in the next year. Stay strong, the health benefits alone are so worth it!

Much love, Linda

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  • So very very pleased to be reading this, to say you had a difficult year is a understatement, but you held tight to your quit, crossed over to a better place, you deserve some special treatments in the penthouse, enjoy your freedom Lyndylou .

    I do hope your very proud, as we are , fantastic.

  • Well done Linda xx

  • Finally managed to log on (first day back at work and under cosh) to cheer you home dear Lindy-Loo! :D:D:D:D:D

    You were the first person I thought of this morning and I can't tell you how delighted I am to watch you march proudly across the threshold. Sleepless in Scotland has become Peerless in the Penthouse and what a fantastic and incredibly well-deserved achievement it is! It would have been so easy for you to fall at one of the many (and considerable) hurdles that was placed in your path over the course of the year but you surmounted it all with grit, determination and sheer guts and I can't tell you how much I admire your courage and committment.


    Now please do allow me to show you around. There are more bars than you can shake a stick at and the waiters are pretty tasty too! :):):)

  • Well done Lindyloo, cracking achievement x

  • Haha love it. I celebrated today with some good old pampering. New hair style included. Looking forward to propping up those bars and kicking my shoes off for a boogie on the dance floor. Thank you so much everyone for sharing my success with me :D

  • Go Lindy-Loo, everyone's rockin for you :D


    and for those down under lol


  • Lindyloo look at you!

    Youv gone a whole year,youv been such an inspiration to me.So pleased youv made it...congratulations x

  • So pleased for you LindyLoo - well done you x

  • Congratulations Linda on a really hard fought battle and welcome to the penthouse.

  • Congratulations to you. I'll see you there 65 days from now.

  • Thanks everyone for all your well wishes. And yes Carla I look forward to seeing you in the penthouse very soon!

  • Brilliant!!!! Well done Linda xxxxx

    My very best wishes.


  • Fantastic & well done !

  • Lovely to see this post Lindy, many congrats may I also say its lovely to see you posting, it feels like the good old days all of the freedom fighters coming back :) glad you had a pamper day to celebrate, you truly deserve it xx

  • Well done Lindy :)

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