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day 11

Somehow I have managed 11 days smoke free. Can't believe how ill I felt untill I got the low dose patch on day 5. Only now the nausea and sleeplessness is going a bit. Can't believe how bad I felt but I hope I am turning a corner now. They said its harder to quit the fags than heroin but I didn't believe them, I do now and no I have no intentions of testing the heroin thing lol. Going to stick with the patches for another week and then try cutting them down to changing them every other day.

Still crave the fags but not as bad and I have only put on a pound in weight. I am following weight watchers and am only 7llbs away from my 5 stone goal. Is been so hard not to replace the fags with food. Well it will soon be 2 weeks smoke free and I am looking forward to that.

The upside to it all is my smokers cough has gone and I can breath a bit easier. Good luck everyone and stay strong

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Congratulations - What a fantastic achievement!!! And special congrats on the weight loss!!!

I'm afraid I don't know much about patches cause I went CT cause the NRT has previously made me ill, but I'm sure someone will be along soon. Have you tried any of the other options - gum etc... maybe they would help you without you feeling ill from them?


Lollipop, you can take the patch off at night. Lets face it you didn't smoke when you were sleeping. Don't keep the patch on for 2 days. I cut mine in half for a few days and then a quarter. Seemed like an easy way to come off them.



I did debate the cutting in half etc etc. Will do that. I work nights so I have been taking the patch off before going to bed. The sleepnessless is much better than when I went cold turkey for the 5 days at the start. Its so nice to feel that I am not alone. Its really hard not to stuff my face with food to fill the void left by the fags and to stop the sick feeling but I am determed not to ever smoke again and not to be a size 24 ha ha


Wow new slim you and smelling nice also. Well done you


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