Day 11, and offshore working

Hi all,

Great place to find, with some terrific encouragement and advice!

Well, here I am on quit day 11. Using Champix, which to be honest I`m finding brilliant. Have previously tried everything without success.

I work overseas and offshore, and have spent the past week on an offshore oil platform (with a great deal of hardened smoker friends I might add!! :()

I have such immense swings throughout the day, and the cravings come and go with severe intensity. Managed to hold firm so far! :)

Sleep pattern also disrupted, as I`ve been getting about three hours after work, then waking and being unable to get back over for about three hours. Resorted to watching the entire Season 3 of my fave program The OC on DVD in order to take my mind off the temptation of nipping downstairs for a quick ciggie... and it`s working!!!

I need to get through another 3 weeks. Will be visiting here often and reading all the tips. Wish me luck...

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  • Morning Geoff,

    Me to is on day 11, All my friends seem to smoke, so I agree thats the hard bit, My children are really pleased with me, although they do push my patience with their cheek specially my teenage boy.

    Instead of lighting up, I sign on to this site, keeps your mind and hands busy.

    Good luck Geoff, keep in tough..... we can celebrate two weeks soon :D

  • Thanks Jan... keep checking in here and together we can succeed, I KNOW IT!!

    Can`t believe how much better I feel in myself already.

    It`s so good to be in contact with people in the same position.

    All the very best!!



  • Hi Geoff

    Welcome And congrats on your quit so far day 11 is great. I have never taken champix myself but a lot of members here have and all say they found them very good. I know its hard when people around you smoke I work with 8 women and 6 smoke but it gets much easyer.xxxxx

  • Hi Geoff and Jan

    well done both of you on day 11

    Geoff I also used champix to help and found like you that it worked {lots of failures before the sleep will improve and the craving will get less until they virtually disappear

    good luck to you both

  • Thanks all... good to meet you!

    Today I seem to be experiencing some issues with my gums. They`ve been bleeding a bit, and are very sensitive today. I know I have good dental/oral hygeine, having just recently visited the dentist (just prior to giving up the fags).

    Searching around on here, that seems to be quite a common complaint... so that`s put my mind at rest.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK. Well done to all.. we can make it!!!!!!


  • Hi Geoff

    Good morning not experienced it myself but know lots have

    yes we can all make it and we WILL

    All the best


  • Two weeks soon

    Your little peggys and gums will be just fine.

    Dont you dare give in.

    two weeks soon


  • Hello Geoff,

    Welcome to the forum there are a lot of people here who can help you get through your bad days and congratulate you on the good ones too, Stick with it mate it is worth it.


  • Good Job Geoff!

    I'm impressed with your ability to stave off temptation. I haven't been around smokers for awhile and am a bit scared to be.

    I noticed that the nightmares and terrible dreams (especially the ones with axes in the them :eek:) have ended. I slept solid last night.

    Best of luck!

  • Hi Stop

    Glad the bad dreams have stopped and you had a good nights sleep

    It will soon get better and you will gain in confidence and be able to be with smokers if you want

    Good Luck


  • Hi, I hope your now totally smoke free. I also work offshore on the rigs and want to start a course of Champix. Problem is many rigs don't allow such medication. I work offshore UK


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