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Day 11

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Right this has got to be the hardest day yet and I really can’t see me lasting the weekend, f@ck sake!

How do people do this? It’s so much harder than I imagined and doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.

I don’t want to smoke, but can’t go on like this for much longer, I am so tetchy and feel constantly stressed and drained of fighting the urge to smoke.

Day 11 does feel like an achievement – an achievement of feeling like crap for 11 days!!

Last night was the same, I couldn’t sleep, so got up, got dressed, put on my jacket, walked out the door and started heading for the 24hr Tesco, 1:20am and I wanted 20 cigs!

I didn’t make it to Tesco - didn’t buy fags and didn’t smoke - which means I must want to do this.

Here’s to a sh!t weekend.


14 Replies

Oh Rustler :(

It can be so tough for the first couple of weeks, I know I felt like I was going mad sometimes. But you have to believe people when they tell you it does get better, because it does, really.

A habit that you've spent years acquiring isn't going to disappear in a few days. You have to face up to that period of psychological readjustment, and at the beginning you have to beat down triggers and tackle that feeling of obsessional yearning several times a day. It's very wearing. The days can be pretty long. But it won't always be a battle like this, I promise you.

Take it one crave at a time, remember that each one is beatable, each one is a step on the road to freedom, they WILL get fewer and further between. Take deep breaths, get some exercise, have a hot bath, find something to occupy you and keep your hands busy like cooking or video games or whatever until they pass. Lots of people found things like sugar free lollipops or frozen grapes helped soothe the cravings. Try to keep positive and remind yourself that it's a healing process.

You are doing so well to get to eleven days. Don't throw it all away now and undo all that progress! This is all SOOOOOOOOOOO worth it in the end.

Take care, and have a good weekend, not a sh1t one!

Helen x


Let's put this into perspective; Are you going to be beaten by a plant?

During the early stages of a quit it's mind over matter, and for most people it's tough, a real psychological battle.

The further you get into your quit, the more it becomes normal not to smoke and the subconscious takes over. That's when you have won the psychological battle.

For most people that happens between 6-12 months and is perfectly achievable as this forum proves.

All you have to do until that time is beat a plant.


Rustler, the first 14 days for me were awful; really angry, thought about fags every minute I was awake. On two occasions that I could think of, if I had had a fag to hand I would have smoked. But I didn't.

You have to plough through it, if you're going to struggle. But it's true, before you know it you will wonder what all the fuss was about, you'll lose count of days and you won't want a smoke. But you have to hang on through this bit, IT WILL PASS ;)


Rustler if it makes you feel any better i nearly killed my neighbour today when he walked past me smoking but i didnt and i didnt take a cig when he offered me one.

I feel quite proud of myself

not smoking is getting harder but so is my willpower.



sorry your having a crappy time of it

Hiya rustler,

I know the feeling mucker! I'm sooo ok during the day when I'm working. But I do share that kind of feeling of dread about the weekend with you lol we will get through this rustler. I'm heading to the pool just now, that will kill a few hours and ill be knackered afterwards....hopefully.

Keep busy



Hey Rustler,

I am right here with you !!! I have been going through exactly the same thing so you are not alone man!!! Hang tough, and we will do this together :D

I do believe as everyone says that it will get better if we just keep moving forward one more day. Your post made laugh actually because I was thinking all the very same things. Heehee !!! Glad I am not the only one who get's really pissed off, :eek: Spirit, lol it's a good thing!!!!

I am feeling better today so I am betting you will be as well :cool:

You got this....




please don't give in. I did last night and felt awful about it immediately afterwards and ever since. Also, for the first time since I stopped I woke up with a horrible headache, felt drained physically and mentally. I promise you that it just isn't worth it. Somebody suggested that I try gum or patches rather than CT - perhaps that might help you too?

Instead of hanging around the house tonight in case I was tempted again, I went to an exercise class. The difference in what I could do without collapsing in a panting heap was incredible - that is entirely due to not poisoning myself day in day out for the last two weeks.

You can do it. You have done so well so far. Stay strong.


Sorry for the late reply!

Thank you all for the comments, it means a lot.

Still resisting the urge, dam cravings!! I am positive day 12 will be better.

Night, Rustler


Day 11 for me too!

Have been trying in vain to join this site for 11 days now, but problems with activation codes have prevented it. Am here now though and happy to say, that after 40 years of smoking, i have not had one for 11 whole days. Am at the doctors tomorrow for the smoking clinic and can not wait to go and tell them i have started already, all by myself! :)


The activation has some gremlins, welcome: the more the merrier.


Thanks Max and Simon, I am using patches at the minute, but having to take them off at bedtime, as the dreams were very strange and felt dizzy and sick too :(:(


Thank you for sharing this. I am finishing day 12 and I am a mess. The first few days were rough but then I had a day or two of feeling really good about the whole thing. Then came the past day or two... I am angry and frustrated and generally feeling like rubbish. The plus side is, this feeling is different than the feeling I had the first week. My main complaint was the constant cravings. When it is the same thing over and over it can be extra rough. Even though this seems a bit more difficult to deal with at least it is different.

I am so glad to see that you haven't given up. It keeps me pushing forward when I see how others have fought and won. Even if people give in they seem to regret it right away and it helps to hear about that too. There is only one way to win and that is to fight against the discomfort and push forward.

You are a strong person for doing the quit and I am proud of you. I am proud of all of us for doing this. It has made me realize that I am much stronger than I thought. I just know there will be more to get from the quit than just quitting. I want to be a better person for it.

You are not alone in this and I know it gets better. I believe we can do this and I am so glad you are keeping up the fight. It makes me fight harder.

Lots of hugs,


nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Keep going

Hi Riversong

Yes, the early days can be incredibly miserable. I can remember just wanting to go to bed and pulling the sheets over my face.:( Nothing is as miserable though as being a slave to a stinking weed.

Yet it all passes and things get better. Counting to 10, deep breaths, exercise all helped in the early days.


Just been to the smoking clinic at the doctors, have read on here that the craving is like that of a spoilt child and got to say, at 48 years of age, the praise i have just received from the HC assistant made me feel like i was a child again, was brimming with pride for myself ha spurred me on even more. Came out with a months supply of patches, so onwards and upwards (fingers crossed).....

Good luck everyone, day 13 for me now :)

oh, and my carbon monoxide reading was 0


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