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Biggest wobble to date and nearly disapointed myself


From nowwhere last night i felt out of control. Stupid really. I had an e cig on days 5 and 6 when i was on a jolly and have had this close by since. Not used it and it is a nicotine free version. Realised yesterday that i couldnt find it then i felt like i bloody needed it.

Its crazy now. Its nicotinme free, i havent smoked or had nicotine since i tried one lozenge on about day 3 (and felt i had cheated then) but was climbing the walls yesterday as i couldnt find this thing that would have given me a blast of cherry flavoured steam. I think its becuase i always had the choice to use it but as i couldnt find it i was no longer making the choice not to smoke or replicate smoking. This was compounded because the kids were in bed and my wife was doing an evening class leaving me trapped in the house. I cant see what the fuss was now but jeez I was on the edge. I found an old pouch of tabaco in the drawer that a mate left after a BBQ months ago. I was so bloody close and was being so pathetic. Thankfully i didnt cave in there and then but i text my wife and asked her to call and get me an e-cig and if she couldnt get one to get me some fags.

Seriously wobbling at that point! I had an epic internal discussion and took myself off to bed without waiting to see what my wife brough home. I got up this morning after a good nights sleep (??) and i am fine and there is a disposable e-cig on the side still in its packet. Absolutely fine today and no cravings. Apart from the first few days i have been coping easily so that was a shocker.

I now know it was purely down to circumstance and it was the feeling of being trapped and having no choice that caused it and i am glad i have now faced that and beat it. I know everyone is different so i cant say that keeping something close is going to benifit anyone but it does me. Nicotine free e cig with flat battery has now been found and will be attached to my keys!

If you are recently quit dont let this put you off as it has been worth every day and every crave since the 30th of sept. first 3 days were bad like i said then this was a bad event but it was 1 hour in my life that was a huge mind f@#k that i beat and i am still a non smoker. Every one of these barriers that a break through convinces me more and more that i will never again smoke another fag and i will be there for my kids a lot longer than if i was weak for the sake of 1 hour now.

Stay strong everyone!!

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Well done. Just goes to show that the psychological withdrawals are worse than the nicotine withdrawals.

I was at about 1 month or so into my quit - and really craved a chewing gum - not a nicotine one - just a normal Airwaves one - and was climbing the wall because I couldn't find them:confused:

It is purely psychological - and I knew it whilst climbing the wall - but knowing it didn't make the craving go.

Well done for getting where you are now - these cravings will suddenly hit you out of the blue but they do get easier to control. Had one the other day -but it was for about 2 minutes and then went just as quickly.

Well done you on not giving in! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

I had a really similar thing (bizarelly with an e cig) last week, and I realised at some point I didn't even really want one, I wasn't even planning to buy one, I just wanted to know where I could if I ever wanted to.

I think because we're fighting our brains about not smoking still they are getting the right ump when we try and deprive them of anything else at all!

Hay Mr...Must of been the day for it yesterday eh :rolleyes: something in the air...Well done for for not cracking

I looked back over my wobbly day yesterday adn now think... pffttt how silly..BUT we got over it, 100's have before us and 100's will after us :D

You keep plodding on buddy

thanx all

Cheers all. It is daft how it grabs us like that.

Short, I was thinking about not sharing because I read yours yesterday and how a post triggered you then was wondering if that had started me but then I knew you got through so I could but then didn't want to share in case I triggered anyone else.. Aaaagh! Bub don't read this.. Save your self!! :D

But.. Then I thought I did think about your wobble on exactly same day and you beating it and that helped me beat it and it wasn't the post that set me off it was the situation. So if I share my success hopefully that might help someone get through a wobble like you (inadvertently) helped me!

If that's the worse it can throw at me.. Bring it on cos I'm soo money supermarket right now!!

Glad to be of help..and chuffed you got through it.... heres a little bit of inspiration for you... remember these???

Weebles wobble but the DONT FALL next time you feel a wobble coming on... think of thees little guys from the 70's :D and just bounce right back up again

oh my god!!

Pmsl.. That's hilarious, can't believe you could even find a picture of them!! Got the inner dialogue sorted though " don't be a wimp, be a weeble, don't be a wimp be a weeble etc etc"

Sorted!! :D

OMG!!! I love weebles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done on making it through!

To quit smoking you only need to be able to make it through 1 crave. If you can do that you KNOW you are able to quit.

You obviously have what it takes. Way to go! Don't let the wobbles get you down. We're like new born foals.... not very steady on our feet but growing stronger every single day.


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