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Tight Throat and Sleepy

Hello all,

I just joined the group, I was googling symptoms etc. Today, has been a scary day and so I puffed a few times! I am so annoyed at myself but I got so nervous.

I have been experiencing dizziness, or more like a light headed fog feeling. And now like my throat is closing up. I am aware I can breath but it feels like someones hands are around my throat, and I can't stand it. I wish I felt this the first time I attempted to smoke!

My other symptom is I am so tired, I can't seem to wake up. Sleeping is good because then I can't think about smoking but I do not like feeling so tired.

I just want to be FREE of this horrible, disgusting, life altering, killer already.

Has anyone else experienced these things?



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HI Cher and welcome

that dizzy feeling is normal breathing without nicotine

it will get better over the next couple of days,sipping cold water helps with the cravings and the sore throat

breath air not smoke

stay strong



Hi Cher :D

What you are going through is perfectly normal, you may also have pins nad needles in hands nad feet as the circulation gets better.... you system will be kicking out off the crap so some strange happenings will occur...but they WONT hurt you :)

Have a good read of all the sections in here adn you will soon see you are not alone in what you are feeling you CAN do this don't be scared of it all the withdrawals are good signs your body is removing all the poisons

Oh and welcome to the mad house - the Kettle is that way ---> Pull up a chair and make yourself at home :D


Hi Cher,

Sounds normal to me, it certainly wont last though, you'll be out the other side before you know it. promise!

Your doing great, and you can do this!! :O) xx


It's all normal. I was so tired I could have slept on a clothesline. It gets better.


Thank you

Thank you. I had no idea what to expect, and after reading lost of posts and boards I guess it is pretty normal.

Such weird feelings but I am happy they are signs of CHANGE.:D

I can't wait to be on the other side, and can forget I ever smoked.

Thank you all for the kind words.



Hi Cher

Some symptoms are a bit weird and scary, others can be a bit intense. The surprising thing is that you can handle them! If you are feeling something you haven't felt before it's bound to be worrisome, since you don't know what's going on. Then the next time you feel it, you recognise it, and it doesn't seem quite so bad.

People on here who are now non-smokers often say that there is nothing special about them. They point out that they don't have super human will power, or some other remarkable ability that meant they could quit. It may not feel like it right now but you can quit too.

Good luck



I was incredibly tired for a few weeks on my last quit, which i actually much preferred to the alternative. On my 1st quit i couldn't sleep at all. Tossed & turned all night & it made me even more irritable the next day.

The dizziness goes after a couple of days, it's just your brain adjusting to the increased levels of oxygen in your blood.

The way to deal with withdrawal & any odd symptoms that make you feel a bit shitty is not to mope about them. They're actually a good thing, & a sign that your mind & body is adjusting itself to get rid of the poison that it's become so accustomed to.

By looking at them as a positive sign, i found them much easier to handle.


Hi Cher, welcome to the site and GREAT DECISION to quit!

Re the hands-round-the-throat thing, this is an anxiety symptom. My husband had it for ages - nothing to do with smoking - he found it hard to swallow, and became convinced he had tumours in his throat and all sorts, but there was nothing there, it's all to do with spasming of muscles due to tension and anxiety. Once he stopped worrying, the symptom went away!

So I would agree with MrE - try to relax, accept that you're going to feel all sorts of odd things over the next few days, and roll with them as best you can. Look at it as signs of healing - it's all good!

Helen x


Hi, the first few days are some of the owrst days you will go through.

What you are feeling is perfectly normal and it will soon pass. The first week was the hardest. Remember your body is getting rid of poisons, it is repairing itself and as such you have to treat it like an illness and you will get better.

Stay strong.


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