No Smoking Day
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Hot diggerdy dawg.Ahhh doo deeclair!

AAAhhhm jest payst the three whole weeks maalstone. aaahhhv gone ova eet bah fahve o them ours. aahhh dooo declare the gud lawd he savin me fur somthin maahdee spishalll yall... ahhhh told that deemun heed best get ouda heer aint no rooom nomo for hi an his ways.hes a doidee shtinkun raet.Lawd noes ah bin a trahin for years an heer aahhh aim sitn in mahhh rockin cheer jus plain rokkin an thankin the good lawd en yoo gahhz fur giidin me threw..ahhhv recched thaed river an aahhhv laid mah bbuurden down


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Well done you.

Umm. Did Mash just get Smashed?:p


Well done mash:D

Btw you're in the WRONG ROOM:eek:

Now you have finished Week 3 you are in Month 1 unless its standing room only in there.

Umm. Did Mash just get Smashed?

Rofl Mrs T, that's what I was thinking:D

Erm mash, you didn't take all your Champix in one go did you???? Cos if you did you're toast. Oohh, mash on toast for brekkie, with cheese, mmmm, now there's a thought....;)



not at all smashed just a bit playful... yyyyeeeehaaaaaa. i wouldnt drink at a time like this.that would be suicide and silly.

HHHot diggerdy dawg something i remember from the 60s--70ss some character on telly!


Go for it mash you've earned it lol:D

And nowhere near as bad as my singing hee hee;)

Now get into Month 1 where you belong:cool:



Well Done Mash !:D

It took me a while to read your post ..... lol

I got stuck on the 'he's a doidee shtinkun raet'.....:confused: WTF ?

Then after repeating it for the fourth time..... :D lol... say what you see !!

Your doing great Mash, I reckon about a week or so ahead of I'm keeping an eye on your progress mate !

p.s yer doidee shtinkun lol...:D


Well done mash:D

See you on the one month floor in the morning.

Lillie xx


congratulations !!!!:):):)


welll yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehawwwww! Three durn whole weeks sho is sum'n worth yellin abaht. Mayush, ahm jist abaht riddy ter explode with hayupiness. Lawd ahmighty, it's the best durn tootin nooze ah'v heard all week.

Y'all jist keep awn headin' down that road now, ya hear?




Everyones talking like something outta Oklahoma LOL:confused:

Did I stumble onto the wrong forum??

Is it past my bedtime??

Or is it that darn tootin Champix effect again??

Oh well as long as everyone is happy:D

Darn tootin you are:cool:

Zoe xx


Hey Karri you blast from the past. yeh got my positivity back, its simple really you just quit and stay that way and positive energy finds its way to ya.I beleive that if you do something thats pro-life like quitting smoking ,then lfe and the universe will support you. hope i dont sound too california... hope your doing glad to be out of the third week doldrums an into my first month smoke free.



I need to read your positive posts Mash. Having a bad day today!


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