Done it

Finally there, one whole calender month, only seems like yesterday I was one of the grey faced huddlers.

I cant say its been a piece of cake and I havent made it easier by having my op, but to all you newbies it does get better and those hard times pass quickly and the good times run into whole days.

P.S. I dont want to put anyone off Champix but I have gone off Alcohol anyone else had this side affect, went out last night to celebrate and I could only manage one glass, ended up taking over the driving, on my party!!!!

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  • Very cool, Gratz!!!!!

  • Brilant well done. You should be proud, not only of giving up but of the support you've given to others through this forum for the past month.

    I had a dislike of alcohol in the early days, but it soon wore off. I did read somewhere that there is a link between Champix and alcohol and there was further research being done into it. Possible use for heavy drinkers in the future.


  • I don't know much about the drug but if it inhibits dopamine levels and the release of endorphins when doing any drug or simulate it may have something to do with it not turning you on any more at any rate.

  • Thanks guys, I will just have to find another vice, anyone fancy coming shoplifting

  • I read that they were trialing Champix to use for alcohol addiction. Not kicked in for me yet, still enjoying the vino.

    One month is amazing. :D Still feels like ages away but I'm determined to join you.


  • Well done Caroline 1 month is great.....I did find I cut down my alcohol consumption when taking the champix....lack of interest at the time:eek:...seem to have my interest back now though:rolleyes::D

  • Thank god for that

  • Well done you, you can always talk in months now. Wishing you many more.


  • Hi Caroline :D

    1 month that's great well done you keep it going


    Marg xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS, Murph!!! One month is great! Keep going strong. Jody

  • CONGRATULATIONS, Murph! One whole month.... well done :)

  • Thanks guys, I will just have to find another vice, anyone fancy coming shoplifting

    Yeah we could use the bags under my eyes today :mad: well done Snake :)

  • Good job on a whole month :) The first one is always a good achievement .. now onwards to even more proud moments :)


  • Hi Caroline,

    I haven't been here lately but tomorrow marks my entry into week 8 ... so two months (wow!!!). In a previous post this morning I mentioned I've decided to stop taking Champix. I have to think of smoking to remember to take it and so I never think of it. Also, it scrambles my thoughts. I'm so happy Champix was available as I don't think I would have made it without it, but I no longer need it. Hooray!

    Have a great smokefree day


  • Sorry, bit late, but very well done you, i am soo proud of you are hope you are too.


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