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Hi everyone

Hello everybody,

First of all, I'd like to say thanks. I'm on Day 4 of quitting smoking, and coming across this forum has really helped.

It isn't easy (stupid thing to say). I'm short-tempted, snappy, angry, frustrated. I keep apologising to those around me for being an ass, but it really seems beyond my control, which I also hate.

I'm really happy to have gone 4 days without smoking. I had come to truly hate cigarettes, nicotine, the addiction, and everything that goes along with it.

I've been prone to quite serious depression since I was young, and, as many people have said, quitting is bringing that up for them too. I saw one lady relaying a fear similar to mine - is it the quitting that's making me depressed, is it my natural, always present depression? Is it a mixture of the two? Is the quitting triggering my own depression? Will I feel like this forever?

Phew! Lots of questions. But they are all mainly rhetorical, I don't really expect answers, those are just some of the things running around in my head. I just feel so bereft of anything positive - I feel flat, listless. The only emotions I seem to be experiencing are anger and despair. I know that all sounds so extreme, which is why I worry about the depression factor as well.

I know I don't want to smoke tobacco again - never, ever. But the level of depression is really affecting me, as I haven't had it be this bad in a number of years. 2012 was a really horrible year for me, for many reasons, and I'm trying to top it off by doing something positive for myself.

Thanks in advance for any words you might have.

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Hi Alex

Good to see you - decision made and it's the right one. I honestly wouldn't worry about the chicken and egg scenario regarding medical history you've quit smoking and that's the priority right now. The rest of the stuff in my life has gone on hold until I'm ready to deal with it - one of the pleasures of stopping is that I don't seem quite so frantically busy and have to deal with everything right this instant.

Keep at it a day at a time and keep posting on here - successes and crap times, there's no judgementalism on here I've found.


Hi Alex,

I am suffering from depression since quitting. I have never had it before and it was 3 months before it started. I don't subscribe to the theory that it is like a bereavement. I'm happy to have stopped and don't miss it. My doctor put me on prozac and it didn't agree with me at all. My nerves were jangling all the time. She changed the medication to sertraline 2 days ago and the effects were almost immediate. It makes me feel a bit tired but much better than living with anxiety all the time.

I think you should see your doctor.


Sound advice from someone with personal experience.

Remind me to not offer unsolicited advice.


Thanks y'all. I may go and see my GP, for real. I've been offered anti-depressants in the past, but have never gone for them. I'm going to try and ride it out for a while and see if it lifts.

I think I said in my original post that I've had a sort of prefect storm of crap-ness this year, so I am not entirely surprised that I am somewhat depressed, and, of course, quitting the smoking won't be helping at all.

I'm really glad to have stumbled across this forum. It's a good place to put down in words how I actually feel - it's quite the relief.

Thanks a bunch for the advice/words.


I suffered black moods when i gave up and people hated my company at the time. It does past Alex.

As for the Depression i would highly recommend you see a GP for advice.

I was actually prescribed Anti depressants which i took for about a year. I noticed they made me more far worse and lethargic and so i stopped taking them. I haven't told my GP yet.

Good luck on your quit and whatever path you take about depression.


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