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7 weeks - going into week 8

I just can't believe that I'm now at the 7 week mark... about to enter the 8th week since I said good riddance to cigarettes for ever! (have to add though - that in the beginning of my quit I wasn't so confident it was for ever).

I'm delighted to still be posting and moving fowards.... it feels like the bigger the gap grows between me and my last cigarette my 'quit' also grows and becomes stronger... putting down roots and ousting that nasty little beast (my addiction) that keeps trying to ingratiate itself back into my life.

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Well done lauren i love seeing posts like this really helps am on day 9 i see your on champix me to i was on them and stopped for 12 weeks but feel more determined this time your doing great :)


Thats awesomazing Lauren.



Thats a great positive post to be reading Lauren :)


onwards and upwards is the only way to go




:) Amazing - what a great post - you go girl :)


Well done Lauren. What an inspirational post. I'm a week behind you so I hope you will keep me a really good seat when you get to the penthouse.


Great stuff! Keep the momentum going foward!


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