Just completed 5 weeks 7 hours 32 minutes and 8 seconds

GOD.. This is driving me nuts... I am happy.. I am sad.. I am angry... I am Mad...

I never had so many emotions.. I used to think i was a happy person.. that laughed.. and had fun.. but.. I am up and down.. all the time.. and I still have cravings...

I know that I am doing the right thing.. but WHEN.. will my cravings and emotions get normal... :eek:

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  • Hi Jodio and Billy

    Well done both of you you are both doing so well but it is like a roller coaster with many twists and ups and downs but it really will get better keep :D :D

    just hang in there


  • Wow Billy - that is some reply.

    And so well written. I have now quit for 6 weeks and 1 day and I feel SO great and positive. Yet only yesterday I could have caved in. Reading your post has really helped - although I really am a teacher, I can understand your a-n-a-logy about the teacher and student thing going on in your head.

    And Jodio - if it's any comfort I had some really tricky days in week 5 - I think you sort of reach a stage where it is still quite hard work but you get tired of fighting of the urges to have a smoke.

    Remember - it is just those nico-demons trying to get to you when you are feeling weak and tired!

  • Brilliant Billy,I am going to try it,it makes sense.

  • Thanks a Million.. you guys.. and special thanks to Billy... for a very well written statement.. I copied it and printed it.. thanks alot.. it means so much;)

  • Jodio

    stay strong, you will get there and your emotions etc will get back to normal, it justv takes a little time.


    What a great post.!!!!!!

    Please repost it on the TIPS section to help any newbies or lurkers who may not find it buried in a different section.

    Well done!!!

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