8 weeks, yay! but struggling booo!

Hi all. as the post says i am 8 weeks today but have had the worse weekend ever. i soo want a cig. well i don't when i think of all the benefits but that feeling of loss in my tummy and the crave for something is really getting me down. it shouldn't be this hard so far in surely? seeing the doc later today as feeling so depressed and just not sure if its the quit that's done it or that i am just blaming the quit and really i do need some help? has anyone else felt this bad at 8 weeks? Please help xxx

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  • First, congratulations on reaching 8 weeks, Chloe. You are doing great. My current quit is half of yours but I've given up for longer before, and to a degree I never lost the sense of something missing, but I'm sure it wasn't a cigarette. I believe that our smoking habit taps into our vulnerabilities, any hook it can find. When I think of smoking the image/fantasy is actually disgusting to me, but the feeling of missing whatever still comes.

    Stopping smoking for me brings with it other challenges to deal with, although I started an antidepressant before stopping smoking, mainly due to health issues. If it's going to help, give you more time to work through this, I wouldn't not take an antidepressant. Those health issues are now generally getting better. Most are related to smoking.

    Keep with it, and remember all the benefits. The cigarettes are fooling you.

  • Hello Chloe, at around 8 weeks, I believe it's the time when reality of quitting comes into play. And you are sort of on your own, when people stop saying well done. But it will get better just keep riding those waves, brill calmer waters are reached.

    A trip to the docs is a good thing.

    Hoping tomorrow is a better day, doing fantastic just keep at it. Keep posting

  • I haven't reached 8 weeks yet on this quit but I feel similar to you, not wanting a cig but feeling lost. I think it's all part and parcel of letting go of this terrible addiction. It has to pass at some point or no one would ever succeed at quitting, we just have to stay positive. Hope you feel better soon

  • Been reading up on a few things, and apparently the changes of the seasons don't help. We do activities for the first time without a fag. Like eating outside or potter round the garden. Week 8 is fantastic Chloe, i still have days when I morn cigarettes, but yesterday I had the company of a smoker, and I noticed he was always coughing and fags smelt horrid - hadn't noticed the coughing when I was a smoker.

    Don't know if it's really cigarettes I want, just probably morning the loss of them, the physical habit.

  • Hello Chloe, congratulations on 8 weeks fantastic achievement. I am slightly ahead of you at 11 weeks and I just wanted to say that I have started taking anti depressants. Mine wasn't just due to giving up smoking but lots of different reasons and I just couldn't shake the down feeling. I would take any help you are offered be it in medication or another route to help break the habit and help you feel better.

    Good luck

    MM xxxx

  • Hi Chloe

    I have struggled at eight weeks in two previous quits and I am expecting it again this time ( not there yet). I got the down feeling and believed it wouldn't go that I could never fill the gap left by smoking. I can only say I am going to try to ride it out past that point this time because I think I may have actually been at the turning point and I so wish I'd hung on. Tracy has passed it and she says it gets better. I believe her and the others in the penthouse. Please trust that you'll be ok or you may like me be left wishing you had not had to start all over again. You may have quit before I don't know but if not I reckon once is enough 😜 Good idea to talk to GP and I hope you report feeling great soon x

  • Well done for your 8 weeks Chloe - hold on to how fabulous you are to have come so far!

    So now you're in the third month...someone said something about the terrible 3s - 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months - being really hard - hang on Chloe you'll get through it! This is a massive addiction to overcome, you're doing an amazing job :)

  • Yeah week 8 can be nasty. The euphoria has worn off and you feel like you should be over it by now but you're not. You start to doubt if you will ever be free from that nagging loss and although the craving is far less often, the fact that it's there at all is really upsetting. It's a very dangerous time now and when you really have to dig deep. Your mind starts to say things like..... 'Well if this is being quit, I'd rather be a smoker and enjoy a shorter life'

    The truth is you've put some distance between yourself and that last disgusting cigarette and you've started to forget how desperate you were to quit and how truly nasty the act of smoking is. Keep saying NOPE and look after yourself for the next couple of days til you come out the other side.

    Being a non smoker is fantastic, just hang onto that. It is true but it takes awhile to get there. Be patient

  • Thanks everyone, i really appreciate your reply's. Saw doc yesterday and although he is really pleased with me giving up i don't think he quite understands how i am feeling, he gave me some pills but i think for the time being i will push on without them xx

  • Sued's post above is really sound. From past experience it's a bit of a limbo time, and 8 weeks in I can see how you're transitioning from yesss, I want to/will/can do this to is it all really worth it? And the way to go is, YES, IT REALLY IS. Great going. 8 weeks. Congratulations.

  • Hi chloe - congratulations on reaching 8 weeks that's fantastic.😊

    As for feeling somewhat depressed that is very very common. Your emotional state is changing because it is no longer deadened with the chemicals from smoking. You may feel the downs more but you will also feel the ups more too. It is worthwhile to hang on in there to experience your true emotional self. Welcome to the journey of self knowledge - it really is a great life without smoking. It just takes some getting used to. I used to feel like you many times. I would also feel a strange sensation of being "at sea" and not anchored by my addictions any more. I promise you it all passes.

  • Hi Chloe. I can also relate to the 8 week lost feeling. As Sued said above in her brilliant post, the initial euphoria has worn off and you are left kind of feeling 'what now', it WILL get better. Even at later stages in our quits there are still moments, but that's all they are. Find something to distract yourself that you don't associate with smoking. Very well done on getting this far and good luck. :)

  • Hi Chloe! Congratulations on 8 weeks!! That is a tremendous achievement! I'm at 535 days now and I went through some super dark months- in fact, I suggested to people who talked about quitting to get an antidepressant first as I wish I had. BUT I just found out I am critically deficient in vitamin D which can result in depression and I was thrilled to know that the cause was not (perhaps only) due to my quit!! If depression persists after some time on antidepressants, please please ask your dr to check your vitamin D level (a simple blood test)...Best of luck to you- you're doing terrific!!!!

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