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Freaky neck skin is no more


Noticed a couple of days ago that my neck looks normal :)

The skin on my neck used to look like a deflated balloon. It had about the same feel too, it was all vertical lines and looked shrivelled :eek: I just put it down to my age and skin type. I'm no super model and am quite happy to be out and about in my garden wellie's and without make-up, but yuk my neck looked awful.

Yipee, all back to normal and no need for expensive surgery, just needed to quit smoking and the skin on my neck has re-hydrated - it's like magic. Still keep checking it's ok every time I look in a mirror :)

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wow - now if that doesn't keep you motivated, i don't know what will :D

Oooooh fabulous!

Thats cheered me up no end from an mildly grumpy mood.... i'm just off to check my neck.... :D

Facial skin looks brighter and healthier too, and i keep smelling my fingers to admire the lack of yukky fag smells.... i can wash my hands and still smell the soap a couple of hours later.


Theres a beautiful world of smells out there... lets get sniffing!!! :) xx

Wow, I like the sound of this! What an amazing motivator.

My skin looks dreadful after quitting two weeks ago - red, dry and spotty. I think it's the stress of stopping, even though I don't want to smoke.

Fingers crossed it gets beautiful in a few weeks! :)

Oh, not thought about smelling my fingers, yes I can still smell the soap. I have this vision in my head of a strange group of people who walk around checking their skin in every mirror they pass and smelling everything :D. Why not eh, lets enjoy it :)

Got to agree there is an improvement for me too....though I'm so old I could still do with the face lift:)

I've also really noticed a difference in no more freezing cold feet and hands. You just do not really understand what damage you are doing when you smoke ,do you?

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