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No Smoking Day
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no more wine for me!!

so last night i took the liberty of helping myself to a glass of wine.....

had a mega bad crave!

so i had another glass and sulked and threw myself at my bed! <<the lucky thing;)

alcohol is a no go area for a while. i will stick to copious amounts of sweet tea!

anyhoo, got up this morning with a spring in my step. calculated how much ive saved so far by quitting smoking and bought myself new running gear.

i used to love running. haven't went for a jog in around 7 years:eek:

ive guesstimated how much time i spent smoking and filling my lungs up with gunk and figured i should get those bad boys going again by treating them to a wee workout with the same amount of time i used to abuse them:D

as soon as i find an alley way where people don't have to suffer my jiggly bits and the odd rest to tuck my beer belly back in my pants im on it! :D

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Hi Laura, Alcohol is a no go for quite a few people when quitting, especially early on so probably the best choice not to risk it.

Exercise is great as yours lungs will improve and apparently exercise releases 'feel good' hormones too so it's a win win thing :):)


Well done Laura :)

You could be me talking. I had to go on the wagon early in my quit as I just couldn't stand the craves when I had a drink (it's fine now by the way :o) and like you, I decided to use the time saved from not smoking towards exercising. I now run 5km 5 days per week and swim twice per week in addition to walking as much as possible and it hasn't half made a difference to me!

Good luck with it.


Haha that did make me giggle well done I am a little different to you in that I can drink and actually the couple of glasses of wine a night takes the agitation of the Zyban side effects

Am 23 days and counting x


Good for you Laura :) I was exactly the same the other week when I had wine and then I had wine last night and was fine? Good luck with your exercise regime hats off to you, I'm thinking about it too now, it's funny we arent even a month in yet and I don't know about you but already I am realising fags don't solve anything and smoking really is dumb.... Maybe we need a health and fitness social group? You are winning this race chick and I love it! keep posting, your way of putting things is fab :) xxxx


skiddaw I sure hope im doing what youre doing in the next year! it will certainly keep my mind off the craves as said above!

Donna that is a fab idea.....Im planning on joining a slimming world group for extra encouragement over the next few weeks. I came into this quit with a plan to be kind to myself and eat crap if I had to but I feel im ready to nip that in the bud and do so sensibly! suddenly crave the need to be super healthy and commit myself to a healthier me! amazing what kicking the smokes does to you!

helene- my exact reasons for wanting to crack some pavements up again was on a school run a few months ago....my daughters school is about two miles with some fairly steep hills/ roads to climb. could barely walk up any without aching legs and being so out of breath from smoking (partially unfit also) but to my sheer horror a woman ran past me whilst giving me good afternoon wishes, a little out of breath and was about 80 years old! oh the shame:eek:

tea.... pahaha! me and my spandex type costume..jiggly bits and all (hot stuff) has one mission only....to spread peace and love throughout the community, enough to stop any criminal in their track. I can hear the wolf whistles already.

p.s thanks everyone for the comments! I will one day figure out how to do those quotey thingys on my phone with my man thumbs LOL


and jeminah....23 days...ace stuff! im day 24 today so we must be the same quit date:D happy the zyban is working well for you and the wine is a bonus! the day I have a glass of wine and don't think of a smoke will be a grand day! I do love a glass of red in the evenings (even on a school night shhhhh:p)


no more wine for

as soon as i find an alley way where people don't have to suffer my jiggly bits and the odd rest to tuck my beer belly back in my pants im on it! :D

Hello Laura14 your not resident in the G81 postal area by any chance ?


Nice post there from Sand (good to see you Sand- you've not been around much lately :)) with which I wholeheartedly agree. I've long since gone past caring. Bet you look lovely anyway. :)


Well done Sand :) Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a time of it recently. Hope you're through it now...

Laura, I'll bet you'll be bounding up that hill before you know it. Your daughter will be running her little legs off to keep up with you. ;)


Thankyou for your comment sand! You are soooo right! I ventured out yesterday! And it felt terrific! Ok ok I pretty much fell through my door at the end of it but it felt good!

Skiddaw.... Funny you should say that! I gave her a piggy back up the hill of doom today ( afraid I've started something there) was pretty fun! Sore and highlighted how unfit I am but still fun! LOL :cool: it's really just aswell she's a little tiny toot!



Was it the beer gut that gave it away? &#128514;

But no I am much further north in the land where no one delivers to us because obviously were still in the Stone Age era lol!


Laura14 no more wine for me

Hello Laura14 how are you today ok. That vision of you in some alley way was a trifle scary that's why I asked your location. So your one of the unfortunates who bags a bargain on the net, presuming you've got the lecki on, then pays a fortune to have it delivered. Another triumph of privatisation not. Myself I'm in Clydebank an area where they still deliver surcharge free though I'm sure having to put on the body armour puts them off.

Well all the best with your quit, myself I'm approx. 2 years 7 month and it's the best move I've ever made bar none.

Michael a.k.a:- lefoy123


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