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no motivation any more

i cant seem to get back to quitting and staying with it . i get as far as completing day one with every intention of staying that way and then change m:(y mind and buy some and smoke them. all my reasons become meaningless and motivation evaporates and smoking seems like a good option. as the day goes on i get sick of smoking again and often flush em down the loo. only to get a strong desire to start again. sick and tired of it. wheres my motivation gone? and wheres Karri?


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You may want to try not to be so hard on yourself, and not try to keep quitting one time after the other, because that only serves to build up the frustration. I would recommend you allow yourself to smoke again (try to cut down a bit?) while you get your head around what's not working, and only when you've put sufficient distance between your last attempt and your motivation to start quitting again, try again.



I think that's good advice Alex has give you. Your head just isn't in the right place, and you're just going to drive yourself mad stopping and starting every single day!

Take a breather (even if it's a smoky one), regroup. Find your feet again. Think through some stuff. Quit properly when your head isn't exploding.


H x


Stop beating yourself up, Beating yourself up is making your mountain higher in a way :( The mindset will click into place, its obvious that you want to be a non smoker. I agree with the other posters advice, though, I am a great believer in trying over and over until it clicks BUT if by doing so, you give yourself a hard time then I agree you should take a step back maybe?

Sorry I am not much help, just wanted to give you some support x


Awwwww. Mash!!! Whats up?

I disagree with all others -but what I am about to say is just my opinion.

Easy option is to give up tommorrow!! Cos as we know -tommorrow never comes!! Just go for it -and stick with it. We can fool ourselves that today is not the right time. I did for years. I had all the excuses ever invented.

Even as I sit here I could light up as easy as anything. Honest. I just refuse to go and buy any.

I can now cope with the mornings -the one(s) before I went to work!! I really enjoyed getting up -with a cup of coffee and a ciggie so I could face the day.I thought they'd be the toughest to quit!! I was wrong. I now enjoy a lay-in!!!

The crunch time for me is now when I leave work. I really really have to focus or else I'd be straight in the corner shop for a packet!!! My motivation is very shakey at times. But .... I WILL CRACK THIS!!! I AM A STUBBORN OLD MARE

So Mash -it is down to you EVERY DAY!!! You and you alone can make this decision. And yes -easy way out is to wilt by lunch time or sooner-but you are made of stronger stuff surely!!!


Teacup I could have written your post.

I am with your, during the week I convince myself I am going to the shop on the way to or home from work, I even promise myself that if O/h isnt in Plymouth then I will be able to get way with a sneaky one or two - however I dont do it (dont know where I find the strength from but its there) - 4 months next week and still going, the rest of the time is pretty easy. Good Luck mash you can do it, get your stubborn head on xx


royaldecameron - thank you for vote of support. I thought everyone would slate me.

Saying - "wait for right time" mash - is a load of bullshit!! It never is the right time!!! Not in the mind set of a smoker that is. ANY excuse to delay the day is fine!! Who are you fooling Mash!! I fooled myself for years. not a clever thing to do!!


Why would anyone slate you teacup?

I guess we all have those times in the day that will be the hardest to get through. First thing in the morning, after a meal, after work. We all have one special to us I guess. Mine is first one in the morning, I know I can do it but still fills me with horror lol.

I have had to really grit my teeth at the start of a quit NOT to go buy (just) 10 and when I have succeded have felt so PLEASED with myself. People must think I am a mad woman walking out of the shop grinning because I gave the ciggie counter the finger (so to speak) and carried on walking :D

Gaynor x


Gaynor - Thought it was just me being so smug in corner shop!!!

It is a really wierd/ great feeling being able to walk past girl on counter -my head held high -and thinking to self -- I don't need to queue there any more!! I DON'T SMOKE!!!! Those packets behind counter are for all the others . Glad they can afford £7.00 for a packet!!! More fool them!!! Have they really got that much cash spare EVERY DAY!!!!!!!


LOL, exactly teacup. A loaf of bread now only costs £1.15 not £8.15

Weird that :eek:


LOL !!! Exactly where I'm coming from too!!!

You are on my wave length there!! Bread would go stale anyway!!!!


I'll be back!!!

:Dim starting to get my stubborn head back, that seems to be all im missing. i love being stubborn i do it really well. i also think if you lot can do it then so can i. it wasnt so long ago i was saying if i can do it then so can anyone .well now i am one of those anyones. more determined than ever now.


Cheers Mashx


Hi Mash ,

There is no easy answer apart from stick with it mate ...even if it is a stop start situation at least you ARE trying , hopefully you well get so fed up with the restarting may find yourself staying quit one day very soon.

Trying to quit can very easily become an emotional roller coaster ride especially in the early days and the more frustrated you get ...the rougher the ride.

Learn to relax and give yourself a pat on the bag for simply trying and doing your best and when you are ready you will get there.

Best Wishes



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