No Smoking Day
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Nice thought

Hey guys. Hope all is going well for everyone. Just wanted to share the thought I had on my way home from the theatre last night. It dawned one that I had been nervous about te show because I was used to smoking before a play. I was nervous as hell. But not once did I think 'I want a cig'. I really didn't need it and it never crossed my mind once. On the way back home (we had an hour drive back to Belfast) I had the sudden realisation that I don't smoke. I must have had the biggest grin on my face and I'm not ashamed to admit I nearly cried with happiness. I'm still gonna check in on the forum and not gonna take this feeling for granted but I now feel like I could take on the world!!!

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Mark Hi well done on last night and glad you did'nt crack. We've got friends coming over for a barbie lunchtime today so staying off the drink. Have a good weekend over there


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