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Moving along nicely again

Hi Peeps,

Day 4 today and am feeling fine.

I am looking forward to a nice sober weekend and not one full of hangover and huge, huge amounts of self loathing for chucking my quit into the nearest ashtray:mad:

As I have said previously for me personally I just have no will power after a drink - none whatsoever, I am a lightweight and a smoking liability therefore Mel is on the WAGON for as long as it takes, I am actually really excited about it:)

I hope everyone is having a good week and a lovely day - Friday tomorrow - WHOOP WHOOP

Love you guys


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That's a lovely positive post Mel, sooo nice to read :D :D

I'm glad you got back on the quit wagon, and you're happy to not drink until you're sure you're up to it :)

It shows you're determined to make this work for you :D xx


Firstly wow you are quitting, i like, but you do have will power, and you are proving that, the first few days a soooooo difficult, but your on your way my lovely.

Well done you:)


Way to go mel:)

Though you had to start again you still had many smoke free days under you belt.......:)

Keep strong"......:)


Hello my lovely ladies,

Thank you for all your posts / replies - smiling :D !!!

I have treated myself - I had my hair highlighted and cut last night and was thinking in the hairdressers that my skin is looking better and my teeth are looking brighter. These things make me more determined to stay quit.

I have a bit of a sore throat today and my glands are up so hope nothing nasty is lurking - yikes :eek:!!!

If it is being a non-smoker I will be better placed to deal with it and fight it off. I am really looking forward to a sunny weekend.

I also have a week off work coming up and am beginning to feel very excited about the prospect of a rest - am ****** shattered - no holiday since Dec 13!!!!!

Lots of love



Good on you Melby :)

Bet your hair looks fab. How lovely!!

I shall hope that you aren't coming down with something but if you are, make sure you use it as an excuse to rest up for the weekend.

Many congratulations on being back at Day 4. It won't be long before you pass your previous milestone and then you really will be rocking. :D


Thanks Sweetie :)


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