No Smoking Day
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Not nice but please read

Hello everyone ... my first post. I stopped three two weeks ago yesterday and it is certainly getting easier. I find large parts of the day passing without even thinking of smoking, whereas in the earlier days I thought of nothing else! Given up all alcohol as well because that has been my downfall in the past so I will have to see how that goes. Maybe I will be able to enjoy a drink again in the future but it certainly isn't doing me any harm to go without for a while.

I gave up because I work on front line ambulances and see first hand the awful damage and distress that smoking causes. When faced with a patient gasping for breath with the look of real fear in their eyes or dying slowly in agony from a smoking related illness I have always been in denial that it would ever happen to me and kept pushing the consequences to the back of my mind. However I have now taken the first steps and feel so good about it. Physically I feel no different but psychologically I feel ecstatic! I know that it is early days but I no longer have that fear of illness in the back of my mind. I know that when I go to patients I don't smell of my last cigarette. I know that my Daughters will no longer give me that horrible disapproving look when they can smell that I have been smoking. I no longer creep away to hide to have a puff because I am ashamed or embarrassed of my habit.

This time I will keep going and I urge all of you don't give up! It is getting easier every day and hopefully one day I will go a whole day without even thinking of having a cigarette.

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Good for you on your quit! I think we were all in denial when smoking, and it takes some mysterious change in thinking to wake us up!


Awww Well done i am on day 14 and even though im not a regular drinker after having 1 glass of wine and really wanting to smoke i have said i'll happily quit drinking too ;) All the best


Positive thinking

Good for you dinosaur you sound very determined. I have also seen the damage smoking has on people as I used to be a nurse. You are also right about the drinking I am at my worst at week end when I used to have a glass of wine. I am on my fourth week now and am amazed at how well I'm doing, last week end I did have three glasses of wine and was fine, but would not make a habit of it. Keep going you are doing well xx


Week 5

Sorry no I am on my fifth week


Thank you all for your support. So that's booze and fags booted into touch now it's just the gambling and loose women to tackle!


Well done Dinosaur, and may I ask why your named Dinosaur is it to do with breathing fire. lol. (smoke) Keep positive and keep posting. All the best


Quit Date: 10.2.12


this is a great post!! congrats on seeing the light ..i wish you all the best:)

we all think the same way and then finally we accept that it could happen to does get easier with ever day that passes..ride those waves and it will make you stronger everytime. take care


Well done.

I have a friend who works in the same job as yourself and that was the reason she stopped years ago - and is still quit.

For all smokers, that fear and anxiety of what smoking can do to you gets worse the older we get and longer we smoke. There is a sense of freedom in not putting ourselves through it mentally every time we light a cigarette.

I wish you all the best in your quit. Good luck :)


Great post & good luck, sounds like you're doing well :) I'm only on day 3 but more sure than ever before that I won't go back to smoking.



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