666 the number of the beast

that number has a very special place in my heart

aswell as being the title of one of my fav songs of all time it brings back lots of great memories of my younger days before the kids



it is also

and this is the best reason i love this number

is its how many days ive been

smoke free


now for some stats

i have been quit 666 days

not smoked 9990 rollups

saving myself £3746.57p

life saved 1month 4days 30 mins and counting

so again yahhhhh


im strutting as i type this and am now going to make a well earned coffee

oh and image as well me doing the bolt gesture here is just a reminder if you had forgotton hehe


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  • Well done Carol. Its great that you have got this far. Don't ever lose the obsession with cats. I look forward to discovering all your cat pics as time goes on.

  • Fantastic Post Carol

    ..and well done on Damian & 666 (theme going on here????)

    Woe to you o earth and sea

    For the devil sends the beast with wrath

    Because he knows that time is short

    Let him who hath understanding recon the number of the beast

    For it is a human number

    It's number is six hundred and sixty six

  • Excellent Carol!


  • Well done Carol :D You are a walking 666 Squadron. Or was it 633 Squadron?? Or 333 Squadron??

    Am so confused now, due to lack of nicotine and chocolate in the brain :confused:

    Anyway, you are awesome ;):cool:

    Zoe xxxx

  • Well done Carol. My mobile number has 3 six's in it but not together.

  • Well donr Carol

    Great post Carol, I really enjoy reading what you have to say it always so inspirational! Thanks:)

  • Fab Going Carol

    Hi Carol

    OMG, I needed to stop for refreshments half way through that post LOL :)

    Absolutely brilliant stuff getting to 666 days. You've done so well, but you've given sooooooo much back in the tonnes and tonnes of support and encouragement that you untiringly give.

    Well done you. Onwards and upwards! ;) :D

  • Sorry ive not posted a reply to this before

    but wasnt able to log on :(

    to be fair im surprised i even got a reply to the original post

    omg :eek:

    i will never write anything again when ive had afew glasses of wine :o

    but thank you all for the replies and the lovely cat pics

    hehe they are great

    the bit that was in the deletion part that i will just mention here is

    that i dont think i would have stayed smoke free for as long as i have without the support from the wonderful people on this site

    so a big



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