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Back again!

hi everyone,

It has been some time since I have been on. As older members may recall, I gave up at Christmas and made it for several months, but then life kicked me up side the head. I was diagnosed with Horner's syndrome, which is a problem with the eyes, or more specifically the nerves involved in pupil dilation, so my left pupil is permanently constricted and cannot respond to light. The cause of this, it turns out the thoracic outlet syndrome, a constriction of the nerves in my neck, that also cause left sided numbness and pain. That was my first test, that I got through, but then my partner of 6 years, and father of my five year old, I discovered, was busy online meeting lots of women and told me to get out. My quit ended there.

I have been planning on quitting, then not, for several months, but am finally in a place to try again. I have had a tough time. Moved in with a friend for a few months while my 48 year old partner moved in his new 19 year old girlfriend two days later (and he has an 18 year old son living there - do not get me started!). While staying with my friend and doing 40 hours a week in my accelerated nursing program, I became ill again, and lost 20lbs in three weeks. This resulted in a trip to ER, lots of fluids and a diagnosis of a huge (4mm) kidney stone lodged in my right kidney. I am still undergoing tests to determine if I have IBS that caused me to get dehydrated and thus the stone, or if the stone caused the stomach problems, and they are figuring out how to get the stone out of my kidney as it is so big it is dangerous to pass (it will likely block flow and kill off my kidney).

I now have my own apartment, that I love, two beds, near the lake, and my son stays with my at least half the time, which I adore. I have managed to maintain all A's in my program (bar one A-) in my program. I have met a lovely gentleman, but am taking it slowly. Finally though, I need to quit the smoking again.

So, I hope you guys are willing to welcome me and my drama back, this post is hugely cathartic, and I hope to start the quit tomorrow morning and look forward to being involved again

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Good luck!

You've been through a lot, and have a lot yet to go through that has nothing to do with smoking. I'm glad you are trying again.

You know, of course, that smoking won't help you get through anything, and, in fact, will make getting through things more difficult.

So good on you to quit. May this be your last quit ever!


You have had a lot to contend with. I hope that now things are more settled that your quit is successful. Only good things can come from quitting.


First of all welcome back :)

but sorry to read about your probs :( must have been a very hard time for you as betrayel isnt something you can just over come quickly but glad that your getting on with your life

wilbe looking out for your posts


Carol x


Hi Genes!

Wow, you really have been through the wars in such a short period of time! It's amazing that your already gearing up to quit again, but I'm very happy to hear you're giving it another shot!

Best wishes, and shout any time you need some encouragement.



Smoked again

Hi there don't worry about falling off the. Wagon I've just had 3 fags after stopping for 6 months, am upset about it but will not let it get on top of me, will go back to Day 1 and maybe succeed next time xx


Great to see you back Genes! :D

Seems like you've had a right time of it but, kidney stone excepted, you appear to be moving onwards and upwards.

An apartment near a lake, a good relationship with your son, a new relationship which is going well, fantastic results in your studies and the will to quit smoking again!

Just sort out that kidney stone and life is good! :D

If all has gone well you should be on Day 2 today, good luck! :cool:


Hey Genes, how's it going?


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